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Plumbing and Sanitary Products

Modern bathroom design

Technology behind the Geberit systems makes the realisation of the many benefits of modern bathroom design possible.

All Geberit’s plumbing and sanitary products offer superior hygienic properties which are ideal for creating functional and distinctive bathrooms that maximise the impression of space, allowing for smooth flow of movement throughout the room.

Kombifix and Duofix

The Geberit Kombifix elements are ideal for solid wall construction and are installed either inside a brick wall or mounted in front of the brick wall.

The Geberit Duofix elements are specifically designed for dry wall applications. The installation is very simple and fast and the systems are combined with a selection of actuator plates.

The flush actuator plates

They are the only visible part of the Geberit system once installed. With a variety of styles, finishes and colours to choose from, the Geberit flush plate range are well designed to compliment any modern bathroom design. They all have integrated the modern technology that allows you to save water.

Geberit’s Monolith now offers an additional alternative. The elegant sanitary module for WCs with integrated cistern can be connected to existing waste water and water supply connections without any construction modifications just as easily as a close coupled toilet. No chiselling, no tiling, no dirt. Geberit Monolith cleverly conceals the exposed cistern behind glass and its slim design creates a contemporary concealed look.

High-quality materials such as safety glass and aluminium are used on the Monolith and the technical components are produced in accustomed Geberit quality. All valves are easily accessible and thus enable simple maintenance. The long-term availability of spare parts is guaranteed.

Award-winning design

The Geberit Monolith received the iF product design award 2010, an international quality seal for good design. The product is available in three glass colours: black, white and mint.

Samba dual flush – made of high quality plastic, with two overlapping eclipses – stands for young and fresh design in a lively, happy bathroom design. The dual flush allows the user to choose from a full flush (6 litres) to a part flush (3 litres). The design of the plates and the flush actuators makes it easy for the user to identify the flushes. The large button activates the full flush and the smaller button activates the single flush.

Bolero, with dual flush actuation, features functional geometric design and clear lines. The dual flush allows the user to choose from a full flush (6litres) to a part flush (3litres).

Twist dual flush – made of metal

Sigma01- New edition of a classic

The more successful a product, the more carefully it has to be tended to. With this in mind, the Samba actuator plate has been gently modernised. A new actuator plate has been launched on the market under the name Geberit Sigma01 as the next generation model. It completely replaces the Samba.

Just as with its predecessor, the Geberit Sigma01 actuator plate is offered in many colour options.

The Sigma80, touchless toilet flush actuation system in a stylish design, is designed for use with a dual flush and fits every Geberit Sigma concealed cistern. Instead of two buttons of different sizes, the actuator plate features two light fields of different sizes. To trigger the flush, all it takes is a brief wave in front of either the large or the small light field. The servo technology integrated in the plate takes care of the rest.

Sigma50 flush plate is available standard in white, black, pergamon, green satinised glass, smoked mirror glass and white satinised glass with ornament x pattern. The frame is made of die cast zinc, the push buttons are stainless steel and the inlays are either Perspex or glass.

Sigma50 Customized offers you the freedom to create your own design to match your bathroom’s décor – simply inlay the material of your choice into the frame which is made of zinc die casting. The only limit is your imagination.

Geberit DuoFresh incorporating stylish

Sigma40 Geberit DuoFresh is a breath of fresh air for the bathroom products. A combination of the new Geberit Duofix WC frame Sigma cistern (UP320) and innovative Sigma40 flush plate. Geberit DuoFresh is an installation system that features an integrated odour extraction unit concealed within the cistern an hidden behind the Sigma40 flush plate.

Sigma20 features stylish rings around the buttons providing the ultimate finesse to this elegant but simple design. With attractive circular flush actuators the Sigma20 flush plate is available in six different colour combinations for maximum design flexibility.

The Sigma60 is the first flush in the wall flush plate desired by today’s modern, minimalist bathroom designs. The flat, flush with the wall design of the Sigma60 has been pared down to its finest essentials offering a timeless design of the most desirable elegance.

Rumba for stop and go flush – made of high quality plastic, available in a harmonic and smooth timeless design to harmonize with a classic design and style.

Tango – single flush plate whose strictly geometric design features clear lines and reduction of shapes. This anti vandal flush plate is made of metal and perfectly fits into bathrooms with functionality and simplicity.

Mambo provides sturdy and convincing design in stainless steel – perfect for the use in public and semi-public areas. Not only design, but also functional requirements are fulfilled.

The Geberit Kappa series combines harmony and quietness with clear and simple shapes and materials. Designed to offer contemporary solutions for height restricted installation requirement.  The Kappa series plates are slightly smaller than the above design range and the UP200 cisterns give you a further option of either installing the flush plate on the front of the wall or on the top of the wall.

The Kappa20, Kappa50 and new Kappa21 flush plates are all dual flush, offering a full flush (6 litres) or a single flush (3 litres). All the plates are available in a variety of colours including shiny chrome, matt chrome and white.
The Kappa21 gives you a further option of black.

Kappa20 – Dual flush plate that reflects harmony and naturally compliments the curved shapes of sanitary ware.

Kappa21 – New dual flush plate with attractive circular flush actuators that are available in six different colour combinations for maximum design flexibility.

Kappa50 – Dual flush plate that is discreet and unobtrusive, yet it reflects self-confidence and clarity. Made with the options of either high quality plastic or stainless steel, reflecting the straight lines and shapes of a modern architectural bathroom.

Urinal flushing controls

Geberit urinal flushing controls save water by only flushing urinals after they have been used, using typically only one litre of water. This gives typical 60% water saving compared to traditional automatic flush cisterns. Geberit controls also promote hygienic washrooms by ensuring that the urinal is flushed after every use.
The new urinal control range gives the possibility to arrange and design a harmonious and co-ordinated washroom. They match perfectly with our range of WC flush plates.
Be it the pneumatic or the infra-red touch-free solutions, the new designs are an aesthetic enrichment for every washroom.

Geberit Shower Channel and Shower Drain

The Geberit shower channel and shower drain allows total design flexibility which is the ideal choice for floor level shower installation. The shower channel is available in lengths of 700, 800, 900, 1000, 1100, and 1200mm. Available in stainless steel or in a customizable option where you can insert your own inlays, allowing designers to use an array of materials to tone in with any contemporary or traditional décor scheme.

The stylish and practical Geberit shower drains have a minimum installation depth of just 95mm and a maximum depth of 195mm. It comes with a standard grating plus the option to interchange any of the additional design oriented gratings.

New Geberit shower elements with wall drain

Floor level showers are all the rage. But a drain in the floor is often perceived as a foreign body and is demanding in terms of installation. Geberit offers the ideal solution with the new, innovative shower element which integrates the drain into the wall. As a result, they are not only visually convincing but also offer clear advantages in terms of installation. Offering a discreet, easy to install alternative to traditional shower drainage, the new Geberit shower element integrates the drain into the wall, avoiding the need to build into the floor which can be a costly and time consuming exercise. Features include a sophisticated sealing system to ensure a leak-proof shower area, an easily accessible hair trap for cleaning and covers that are designed to blend harmoniously into any bathroom.

Award-winning design

The Geberit shower elements received the if product design award 2010, an international quality seal for good design. The visible design covers are available in four discreet, high-quality versions: bright chrome-plated, stainless steel brushed, white alpine and a bespoke option that allows the coer to be fitted with the bathroom tiles.

Reasons to choose Geberit shower elements:

  • Shower drain now in the wall
  • Tried-and-tested Geberit system technology now also in the shower area
  • Reliable sealing system
  • Simple to clean with an easily accessible hair trap also available as corner installation
Flush Actuators
Flush Actuators Sigma 40
Shower Floor Drain
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