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Wall Fittings

Bathroom and Sanitaryware

Geberit seamlessly combines design, functionality and reliability to transform any bathroom.

The Geberit installation systems are dedicated to bringing new standards in aesthetics and convenience to bathroom design.

Wall hung toilets, concealed cisterns and the new innovative in the wall shower waste are key elements of the Geberit solutions, maximising space and performance, without compromising either in any way.

Simple and fast to install, these top quality products set the scene for satisfying growing customer demand for bathrooms that double as relaxation zones.

Invisible and functional

Since modern interior design attaches great importance to the creation of space, concealed cisterns represent a welcome move. This type of fixture hides the unsightly pipes in the wall, revealing generous, uncluttered space around the toilet. By hanging the toilet from the wall makes the bathroom appear larger due to the sight of an uninterrupted floor surface. The innovative shower channel and in the wall shower waste are ideal for creating floor even showers which gives you a sense of space and freedom. All these innovative solutions and opportunities opens up huge possibilities for architects and owners to realise their individual design ideas and concepts in the bathroom, rather than allowing plumbing to define style.

New dimensions in practicality

The practical advantages of wall hung toilets and concealed cisterns are two-fold, impacting architecture and interior design, as well as usage. From the interior design point of view, wall hung toilets open many doors to the creative use of space in the bathroom – for instance placing the toilet against a new partition to separate it from other areas of the room, or create a useful shelf above the toilet. Tiling or covering of the floor beneath the unit is simple to carry out and attractive to look at. From the user perspective, cleaning around this type of toilet combination is extremely easy, thanks to accessibility to the floor below the unit and the installations’ simple lines and smooth surfaces. This, of course, ensures optimal hygiene.
The Geberit system has been designed and tested to take loads of up to 400 kg, ensuring that the toilet is secure and stays firmly in place.

Out of sight – not out of reach

There is no need to break through walls to gain access to the cistern’s inner workings. The one-piece, blow-moulded cistern from Geberit can be easily accessed at any time, simply remove the flush plate for quick and easy maintenance. After removal of the actuator plate, the filling valve as well as the flush valve can be accessed without the use of tools. There is an ideal installation solution for all situations, for placement in front of either dry walls or solid constructions, below windows or pitched roofs. The Geberit systems are suited to all-purpose and fast installation, ideally suited for both new and renovation bathroom projects.

Geberit at a glance

The Geberit Group is the European market leader in sanitary technology with global presence. From the time of its establishment in 1874, the company has always been a pioneer in the sector, consistently setting new trends with its innovative powers and comprehensive system solutions. Geberit has 17 production sites in eight different countries, with its main ones located in Switzerland, Germany and Austria. The Geberit product range is designed for use in new buildings as well as in renovation and modernization projects. It comprises two main product areas of Sanitary Systems (Installation and Flushing Systems, Waste Fittings and Traps) and Piping Systems (Building Drainage Systems, Supply Systems).

Streamlined simplicity

Geberit offers a range of flush plates in different styles, flush options, colours and finishes to complement your bathroom. Made from durable plastic, die cast zinc or stainless steel; they are built to withstand the toughest bathroom environment while looking stylish at the same time. Whether you like simple lines or a more designed finish, the plates offer functionality that will survive being pushed time after time. If you don’t want to touch the plate, simply wave your hand to activate the infrared sensor that will flush the toilet for you. The Geberit cistern’s dual flush technology means you don’t have to flush a full tank of water each time you use the toilet, resulting in substantial water savings. The large button on the actuator plate is for big business and flushes six litres. The small button is for small business and flushes three litres. Take your bathroom to the next level of design, creativity and reliability with a Geberit system.

The benefits of the Geberit concealed cisterns are that they are aesthetically pleasing with all the ugly plumbing pipes being hidden inside the wall, creating additional space in your bathroom. It’s hygienic, water saving and the silent filling only takes about 30 seconds to fill. The Geberit system carries the SABS mark and is backed by a ten-year service guarantee.

At a Glance
Invisible and Functional
New Dimensions
Out of Sight
Streamlined Simplicity

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