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Nucornice is a paper covered polystyrene core cove cornice. It is designed for use as a decorative fixing cornice at the angle where wall and ceiling meet.

Nucornice is lightweight, durable, easy to handle and suitable for all dwellings.

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Easy to Handle

  • Very flexible, less breakages mean less costs! 
  • Can be fitted by 1 person, saving labour costs 
  • Can be moved on site with minimal labour, saving time 
  • Does not need to be carried on edge, reducing breakages
Easy to Install
  • Designed to be glued on for fixing, saving labour 
  • 42% lighter than conventional cornice, offering less effort & labour 
  • Easy to lift, resulting in less labour 
  • Can be worked with at ceiling height with minimal fuss, effort and labour 
  • Can accommodate movement in ceiling and roof without cracking, saving money 
  • Can be transported with ease 
  • Easy to mitre and cut with a fine tooth saw, resulting in no mess or dust 
  • Nucornice is not affected by water
  • Can be used on curved walls 


  • NUCORNICE will last as long as the life of a building/house under normal conditions
  • NUCORNICE can be used to seal air passage ways around ceilings and will assist sound insulation performance between rooms
  • Width: 75 mm & 127 mm 
  • Lengths: 3,0 m and 3,6 m
  • Mass: 40 g per metre
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