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Industrial Flooring

Epoxy Floor Paint –  For Interiors

Africote epoxy floor paint is a two-component, epoxy system suitable as a “heavy-duty” industrial-grade floor coating, with excellent acid and chemical resistance. Designed for applications on Warehouses, factory and workshop floors. It’s the smooth low gloss finish, offers easy cleaning with good slip resistance.

Gleamcote – For Interiors

Africote’s Gleamcote is a self-levelling 3-6 mm layer epoxy-based, solvent-free, two-part epoxy system, designed to give a hygienic seamless floor with excellent chemical resistance, achieving a durable and hard-wearing surface, when applied for domestic or industrial use, such as breweries, food preparation kitchens, supermarket floors, workshop floors, airline hanger floors and industrial warehousing etc…  For internal use only. Exposure to direct sunlight will cause yellowing, chaulking and deterioration over time.  Use special walk-off mats at the entrance to these floors to prevent dust and grit transfer in commercial or domestic applications.

Pigmented Twin Pack –  For Interiors

Africote’s Pigmented Twin Pack is a two component polyurethane based system, “medium duty”, coloured floor coating, designed for more cost effective applications on warehouse, factory, showroom, workshop and garage floors . Africote Pigmented Twin Pack, resists oils and chemicals as well as foot and light mechanical traffic. It’s smooth high gloss finish, offers easy cleaning, with good slip resistance. Africote Pigmented Twin Pack is cost-effective, easy to apply and fast drying.  Available in a tint base so colour options are limitless.

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