Johnson Controls launches its SABROE SMC Mk 5 reciprocating compressor in South Africa

Enhancements make it a solid choice, sets new standards

The latest iteration of Sabroe’s reciprocating compressor, the SABROE SMC Mk 5, is setting new market standards for reciprocating compressors in terms of length of service intervals, efficiency and reliability. With a strong base of clients in South Africa, orders for the Mk 5 are already being received by Johnson Controls.

SABROE SMC Mk 5 reciprocating compressor from Johnson Controls“The Sabroe brand remains the Bentley of compressors but new enhancements put it ahead of the pack for specific applications. It is a solid first pick for refrigeration, especially in the food and beverage sector and, by adding features that address new demands and old challenges, Sabroe maintains its leading position in the reciprocating compressor segment and sets new standards,” says Russell Hattingh, Engineering Manager, Johnson Controls Systems & Service – Africa.

“The SABROE SMC Mk 5 reciprocating compressors are ideally suited for medium-sized refrigeration applications with variable loads such as cold stores, drinks manufacturers & distribution centres where reliable service is a major priority. They are well priced, economical and offer low maintenance costs.

“They are also easy to use—the Unisab III systems controller control panel is user-friendly and trusted in the industry—and easily integrate with any building management system for increased control.

“The biggest enhancements—an increase to the length of service intervals thanks to the embedding of condition-based controls, and a 25% increase of the service life of the compressor over the entire operating range–will bring lower costs, less maintenance and downtime, and improved total cost of ownership. This reflects the dedication of Sabroe to the continuous development of the range.”

The SMC is also a key component of the ChillPAC, a compact packaged chiller solution that offers a chilled water solution with a very low ammonia charge, which has seen considerable success in the refrigeration industry. This is expected to drive sales.

Fifteen different models of the SABROE SMC Mk 5 are available to provide swept volumes of between 226 and 1357 m3/h, with outputs of between 100kW to 1200kW.

The new features of the SABROE SMC Mk 5 include:

  • Extended service intervals. Condition-based service intervals are embedded in the control equipment, which extends service intervals to 12,500 hours. These intervals can be further extended depending on run hours and operating conditions. This minimises downtime and lowers service costs.
  • Extended service life. The new design extends the service life over the entire operating range (+25%).
  • Smaller footprint. Configuration without an oil separator means a smaller footprint at a lower cost·
  • Capacity boost. A 20% capacity boost is achieved by changing the shaft speed from 1500rpm to 1800rpm.
  • Skip-free.The SMC Mk 5 is optimised for variable speed with single-beam design, offering skip-free regulation over the entire speed range.
  • No top cover cooling.No demand for top cover cooling under the most common conditions.

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