York Air Conditioning Systems

With over a century of experience in air conditioning, YORK has provided clean and cool air to famous landmarks all over the world.

Now, combining years of expertise and stateof-the-art technology, YORK brings you a new product portfolio for your home, featuring a new range of products with R410A refrigerant such as the cassettes, blowers and multi splits units, as well as the new multi inverter solution for high walls.

York Air Conditioning Units:

Window Walls:  R22 Standard Heatpump; 2.6 to 7.0kWR.

Mid/High Wall Splits:  R22 Standard Heatpump; R410a Inverted Heatpump; 2.6 to 10.6kWR.

Under Ceiling Splits:  R22 Standard Cooling Only or Heatpump; R410a Inverted Heatpump; Convertible to Console Style; 3.2 to 17.6 kWR.

Casette Splits:  R22 Standard Heatpump; R410a Inverted Heatpump; All 4 way blow; 3.2 to 16.0kWR.

Ducted Splits:  R22 Standard Heatpump; R410a Inverted Heatpump;  Medium and High Static; 5.3 to 26.4kWR.

Consoles:  R22 Elec-Mech Elec Heating; R410a Inverted Heatpump; And Sleeves and Collers; 2.7 to 5.3kWR.

Floor Standing Unit:  R22 Standard Heatpump unit at 17.6kWR Only.

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