Controls, Building Management Systems and Security

Johnson Controls’ Controls Products:

All of Johnson Controls’ control products are designed with your needs in mind. That’s why they are easy to install and operate, with useful built-in features. In addition, the valves, actuators, dampers, sensors and pneumatics in our HVAC control product line are lab and field tested to ensure their durability and robustness in all applications.

Valves and Actuators: Threaded and flanged control valves and rotary, proportional, floating and thermal actuators.

Sensors and Thermostats: Temperature, humidity, diffirential pressure and CO2 sensors.

Refrigeration equipment: Temperature, humidity, diffirential pressure and oil controls, flow switches, water valves.

Pressure switches and transducers, condenser fan speed controls and modular controllers.

Security Management Systems:

We provide a comprehensive selection of security technologies and services designed to provide safe, comfortable, and efficient facilities.

P2000 Security Management: Interactive, real time security management system.

Access Controllers: Access control IP controllers, single and multiple door control.

Digital Vision Network: Web enabled, hybrid and IP CCTV surveillance system.

Building Management Systems:

Whatever the size of your business, most organizations are surprised by the amount of money that they spend on energy they simply do not use. The right building management systems could automate areas of your facility, helping you to save energy while saving money.

Application and Data Server: Support of IT Technologies, web based user interface, long term storage.

Network Engines: Automation and control engines combining supervisory and control capabilities with IO point connectivity.

Field Controllers: A complete family of controllers and accessories with BACnet, LON and N2 configurations.

Wireless Components: Wireless field busses and room temperature sensing systems of the latest wireless technology.

Intergration Components: These adapt legacy and proprietary systems to current open systems architecture.

Chiller Plant Optimization: Flexible plant optimaization packages.

Building Optimization: Personalized open technology packages that optimize a building’s efficiency and performance.


York Security Management System P2000

York Security Management System Digital Vision Network

York Building Management Systems Network Engines

York Building Management Systems Field Controllers

York Building Management Systems Field Controllers

York Building Management Systems Field Controllers

York Building Management Systems Field Controllers

York Building Management Systems Ref Controls

York Building Management Systems Sensors and Thermostats

York Building Management Systems Switches

York Building Management Systems Valves and Actuators