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Shoprite Climor Distribution Centre roofed in Klip-Tite steel sheeting

The distribution centre for Shoprite Checkers in Climor consists of over twenty buildings, of which the largest are three warehouses within the development. The Dry Goods warehouse is 76,000m2, the Refrigerated building is 18,000m2 and the Returns Centre is 12,000m2.  Together, these buildings form the core of the new national distribution centre.

The distribution park can be seen from a nearby freeway and surrounding communities, so aesthetics was a core part of the architect’s brief. Shoprite Checkers also wanted to maximise their investment, which led the architects and structural team to work closely together to see how they could produce a highly functional distribution centre that was also aesthetically pleasing to passers-by on the freeway and people from adjacent neighbourhoods.

Large open plan structures of the Climor distribution centre

The curved architectural features and large open span roof structures necessitated a flexible and versatile construction material, which is why steel was chosen. Structural steel enabled the project team to not only cost-effectively construct the large open span roof structures, but it also enabled the team to meet tight construction deadlines.

The ambient warehouse required a 32x32m internal grid and the refrigerated warehouse required a 24m x 24m internal grid. A large cantilevering concrete tilt-up column stabilises the buildings and this structure made the erection of the long span steel girders and trusses safer.

Close to 3000 tons of structural steel was supplied for the project. A curved roof structure was chosen for the Dry Goods building due to the size of the building and the resulting rainwater run-off lengths. The angle of the roof increases with increasing run-off length, thereby improving run-off performance, due to the curve of the roof.

To avoid a large flat zone on the roof, a jointless sheet transition from -0.5° to 0.5° was incorporated at the apex of the roof. A watertight installation was ensured thanks to typical step lap detailing. The effects of temperature strain were also minimised thanks to the step laps with the first sheeting laps occurring at slopes of more than 2°.

GRS’ KLIP-TITE was the product of choice for the roof. The concealed fix profile roof offers superior wind uplift resistance and the fact that the rib runs perpendicular (as opposed to the conventional method of running parallel with the sheet in the pan) changes the dynamics of the sheet and provides a one-of-a-kind solution for projects such as this.

Scheltema deployed safe erection of the roof sheeting and GRS, as well as Safal, worked closely together to ensure a world-class installation for Shoprite Checkers. The project was completed within the deadline and budget, and the client is pleased with the aesthetics.

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