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Turnstar's Dynamic Drop Arm Barrier

 Accommodating those who use wheelchairs, while also maintaining adequate access control into business facilities, means selecting reliable access control products that provide wheelchair accessibility.

drop arm barrier 

“Those with limited mobility may need a little more time and space especially if they are using walking aids or a wheelchair. The Turnstar Dynamic Drop Arm Barrier affords simple and unhindered access to all users. Our range of wider, intelligent speed gates will primarily simplify access for users with disabilities, with the added benefit of providing a wider passage for users with bulky luggage, parents with children in push chairs and delivery drivers with trolleys. In general, the inclusion of a wide lane is a crucial requirement when planning your entrances,” says Craig Sacks, CEO of Turnstar Systems. 

drop arm barrier for contact free entry

The width of a wheelchair is generally a minimum of 700 mm. This is accommodated in the Dynamic Drop Arm Barrier which has an opening width of 815 mm. This extra capacity gives adequate clearance for clear and unhindered passage. 

“Reliability and durability of the barrier are provided by the carefully designed and engineered components, which include the industry-leading SwiftDrive® motor. Safety features include the intelligent collision detection, for user protection,” says Sacks. 

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