What are metal flashings?

Global Roofing Solutions customised flashings and rainwater goods

Flashings and rainwater goods are essential building products that have been around for hundreds of years and will continue to be used for hundreds of more trends predict.

Flashings are made from various materials tin, copper, galvanised metal, plastic, wood or lead. Global Roofing Solutions offers customised metal roof flashings.

Water off a duck back

Heard this phrase before? It’s exactly how roof tiles, shingles, sheets work. Feathers on a bird or ducks back are interlinked and overlapped to prevent water from pouring in-between the joints. Metal flashings are used between the change of building materials, like the roof truss and roof tile meeting point. This prevents water from seeping into the building and rain runoff to be harvested for gardens etc.

roof metal flashings and rainwater goods customised waterproofing products for roofs



Standard flashings are manufactured for all roofing profiles in different thicknesses, materials and finishes. Special configurations of flashings can be manufactured to clients specifications within certain limitations. 

Industrial Rainwater Goods

Our extensive range of Industrial Rainwater Goods includes standard gutters, downpipes and accessories. Helm can also manufacture custom made gutters, manufactured to suit the client’s specific project needs.

Global Roofing Solutions consists of two leading South African roofing brands, Brownbuilt Metal Sections (established in 1964) and HH Robertson (established in 1958), making it one of the largest metal roofing and roofing accessory manufacturers in South Africa.

Both Brownbuilt and HH Robertson are household names for the manufacture of commercial and industrial steel roof covering and wall cladding profiles (concealed fix and pierced fix), composite steel floor decking profiles and lightweight coated metal roof tiles (ARMA-TILE™ and UNI-TILE™).With exports to over 20 countries worldwide, GRS has established itself as a global supplier of roofing products. Through its broad and established South African manufacturing base, the company is committed to expanding its supply to the SA construction sector and throughout Africa

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