Warehouse floor hardener

Technical Finishes has partnered with lithium-based technology manufacturer Convergent SA, to be the exclusive distributors of the Pentra-Sil range, that specialises in products that enhance the performance of concrete. Technical Finishes recently supplied these products for a commercial project where an eco-conscious, high strength concrete floor with an ultimate high gloss finish was required.

warehouse floor hardeners

Pentra-Sil NL and Pentra Guard HPS, which are part of the lithium-based product range, were specified to meet the client’s requirements. Pentra-Sil NL was specified because of its high solids formula.

Pentra-Sil NL, how does it work?

It provides maximum hardening to improve the abrasion resistance as well as reduce dusting. Sprayed on new or existing concrete, it penetrates up to 7mm where it reacts with free calcium to form insoluble calcium silica hydrate, which makes the concrete more water, stain and abrasion-resistant. The floor is now easier to maintain and able to offer a longer lifespan.

Pentra Guard HPS offers the high gloss finish and is also great for protecting newly polished concrete. The product is a lithium-fortified finish that offers deep penetration, increased surface hardness and superior reflectivity – and the rapid curing allowed the contractor to meet demanding timelines.

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