Wide vinyl planks and tiles

Europe’s acclaimed new Floorify range of exceptionally long and wide vinyl planks and tiles, developed and designed in Belgium, is now available in South Africa.

wide vinyl planks and tiles floorify in south africa

Floorify has attracted strong interest at major trade exhibitions in Europe since its recent launch and is suitable for both commercial and residential properties. The product now distributed locally by KBAC Flooring.

The floor planks and tiles have no standard sizes. The flooring is created according to requirements. Supplying planks of up to 2 metres in length (the longest available on the market). The seemingly endless visual lines make rooms look bigger, with joints hardly noticeable.

The range is shock- and stain-resistant achieved by an extra thick protective layer, and feature a unique rigid core to add stability and strength that can even cope with installation in direct sunlight.

Floorify floors comprise of four layers. The top layer has a low-maintenance matte PU. Then an ultra-thick wear layer, next the design layer, and finally the patented rigid core technology. A wide array of designs is available and, because the flooring assumes a room’s ambient temperature, Floorify surfaces feel warm under the feet.

Some of the other major advantages include:

  • Installation is dust- and noise-free and simply calls for rolling out the underlay, and clicking the planks and tiles in place on top of it. There is no need for any adhesive.
  • Complete water-resistance to protect bathroom floors as well as living areas from any kind of liquid spillage.
  • Exceptionally quiet surfaces achieved by a sound-absorbing acoustic layer which can absorb up to 21 decibels of foot traffic. Floorify is laid on a 2mm “Comfort Underlay” which reinforces the silence, power and comfort.
  • Areas of up to 20 metres by 20 metres can be laid totally profile-free.
  • The flooring can be installed without any preparation on top of existing floors, and the thin tiles and planks can accommodate underfloor heating.
  • Matching skirtings and transition profiles can be provided for any installation.

Floorify also contains no harmful substances, such as plasticisers, and can be recycled.

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