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Vinyl flooring stands the test of time

How confident are you with the warranty that comes with your chosen floor? Traviata Flooring Systems recently revisited a couple of the highest traffic sites that have exceeded the warranty period for their Traviloc 5.0 interlocking vinyl.

Traviata flooring outlives its 5 year warranty period

The first site was the “Cobblestones” pub and restaurant at Montecasino. Installed six years ago, this floor has hosted many thousands of feet and stood up to beer spills, bar stools, tables and chairs seven days a week during this period.

The second site – though much smaller – has the added complication that the patrons are walking straight in off the street and pavement, bringing in additional grit and dirt. The Steers branch in Rosebank was also installed some six years ago and was one of the first of this rollout. To date Traviata has not had a single call out from the franchise to attend to any flooring issue.

Despite heavy traffic this Traviata floor still looks good after 6 years

Traviloc is hard wearing due to its extra wear layerBoth these sites still boast great looking floors that will continue to give good service for years to come.

So what is it that allows Traviloc 5.0 to confidently give a 5 Year “Full Commercial” warranty? With the integrity of the overall product as a given, the answer lies in the wear layer. The 0,55mm wear layer will withstand the harshest conditions. This transparent layer offers greater protection against scuffs and scratches through the use of “Enhanced Ceramic Bead” technology. Ceramic Bead is an extremely durable material and acts in the same way as the “Teflon” coating in your frying pan.

The other key factor for preserving the floors in these harsh conditions is that both establishments have, over the years, maintained a proper cleaning program which is critical to the floor’s longevity.

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