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keyboard_arrow_upKoala Kare | KB200 Installation Video
keyboard_arrow_downKoala Kare | KB200 Installation Video

Koala Kare Products KB200 Installation Video

keyboard_arrow_upAtroguard Water Resistant Flooring
keyboard_arrow_downAtroguard Water Resistant Flooring

Atroguard Technology (by Lamett): the next generation of water resistant flooring

keyboard_arrow_upValsir In-Wall Flushing Cisterns TROPEA & Push Plates
keyboard_arrow_downValsir In-Wall Flushing Cisterns TROPEA & Push Plates

Valsir Tropea3 Flushing Cistern Quality for plumbing (EN)

keyboard_arrow_upValsir Tropea Murare for Floor Mounted WC Installation
keyboard_arrow_downValsir Tropea Murare for Floor Mounted WC Installation

The constant attention to the needs of the market has made it possible to add the innovative Tropea3 recessed box to the Valsir range. Technology, reliability, simplicity and water saving are the key points on which the project was founded. Simple installation thanks to the brass revolving feed connection. Technological inside, thanks to an innovative […]

keyboard_arrow_upValsir Rain Plus Rainwater Drainage System – How it works
keyboard_arrow_downValsir Rain Plus Rainwater Drainage System – How it works

Valsir Rainplus® is a syphonic rainwater drainage system that has been designed to guarantee maximum drainage performance with the lowest levels of water accumulation on the roof. This technology, guarantees water drainage on medium to large size buildings in total safety. #savewater

keyboard_arrow_upValsir HDPE Electro Fushion Process with Couplings
keyboard_arrow_downValsir HDPE Electro Fushion Process with Couplings

Thanks to the use of electric sleeves available from 40 mm diameter up to 315 mm diameter it is possible to realize any plant configuration. Valsir offers two types of welding machines that allow quick, simple and extremely reliable welding of parts.

keyboard_arrow_upValsir HDPE Butt Welding Process with Machine
keyboard_arrow_downValsir HDPE Butt Welding Process with Machine

Valsir offers machines for head / head welding up to 315 mm diameter. This process is useful for the prefabrication of plant parts that are subsequently installed and joined by other joining methods: for example, welding with an electric sleeve.

keyboard_arrow_upSpace & Interiors – Salone del Mobile Milan 2016
keyboard_arrow_downSpace & Interiors – Salone del Mobile Milan 2016

Valsir has participated in Space & Interiors: the new event that presents the excellence of the finishes for architecture to professionals who are looking for innovative solutions for their projects during the Design Week 2016.

keyboard_arrow_upValsir In-Wall Flushing Cistern Tropea Maintenance
keyboard_arrow_downValsir In-Wall Flushing Cistern Tropea Maintenance

Smontaggio/Montaggio VALSIR TROPEA S – Disassembling/assembling VALSIR TROPEA S

keyboard_arrow_upValsir Rain Plus Roof Outlet Installation
keyboard_arrow_downValsir Rain Plus Roof Outlet Installation

Valsir Rainplus® – Waterproof roof installation with bituminous sheath. Valsir Rainplus® – Installation process on a bituminous waterproofing membrane roof. Siphonic rainwater discharge system. Installation of the Valsir Rainplus® 110 well on a waterproofed roof with bituminous sheath. Siphonic roof rainwater drainage system. Valsir Rainplus® 110 installation process on a bituminous waterproofing membrane roof.

keyboard_arrow_upValsir Floor Even Showers Drainage System
keyboard_arrow_downValsir Floor Even Showers Drainage System

System based on high density polystyrene panels that incorporate the optimal slope for a correct outflow, guaranteeing the fast realization and perfect insulation of floor level showers. Shower perfectly integrated in the bathroom floor, without any difference in height or step. Maximum ease of installation and total waterproofing guarantee. Wide range of sizes available, adaptable […]

keyboard_arrow_upValsir Tropea Block 90 Frame Installation
keyboard_arrow_downValsir Tropea Block 90 Frame Installation

Tropea3 is the ideal solution for thin wall installations. The technological evolution of built-in boxes.

keyboard_arrow_upValsir Underfloor Heating
keyboard_arrow_downValsir Underfloor Heating

The film shows you step by step installation of the plant by Valsir floor heating.

keyboard_arrow_upValsir Pexal Multilayer Piping Installation
keyboard_arrow_downValsir Pexal Multilayer Piping Installation…

keyboard_arrow_upValsir Feel Push Plate Installation
keyboard_arrow_downValsir Feel Push Plate Installation
keyboard_arrow_upValsir Company Profile
keyboard_arrow_downValsir Company Profile

We have opened the gates of Valsir for you. Here’s what we mean with “quality for plumbing” Welcome

keyboard_arrow_upSuspended Ceilings
keyboard_arrow_downSuspended Ceilings
keyboard_arrow_upBrandered Ceilings
keyboard_arrow_downBrandered Ceilings
keyboard_arrow_upRoofing: Fascias & Barge Boards
keyboard_arrow_downRoofing: Fascias & Barge Boards
keyboard_arrow_upRoofing: Slate
keyboard_arrow_downRoofing: Slate
keyboard_arrow_upOctaeco Floor vs Traditional Floor
keyboard_arrow_downOctaeco Floor vs Traditional Floor

Working load limits of up to 20,000 kg per square metre. Water and weatherproof.  Quick and easy to install. All this makes OCTAFLOOR more than just double floors. They are suitable for every project of any size. Indoor and outdoor. Individually adjustable to special shapes or uneven floors. With illuminated edges and edge guards.


OCTALUMINA sets benchmarks in terms of quality and easy assembly. The use of high power LEDs ensures an even illumination of the OCTALUMINA frames with a set-up as easy as pie. Thanks to LED modules and power supply units coming fully assembled and ready for connection, you save valuable time and cut costs.

keyboard_arrow_upStarline® Plug-In Raceway Quick Installation
keyboard_arrow_downStarline® Plug-In Raceway Quick Installation

Starline Plug-In Raceway was created to meet the ever-changing power distribution and Datacom needs of research, pharmaceutical, and university labs, as well as hospitals and data labs. Though it may look like other raceway products, Starline Plug-In Raceway has the unique ability to add or relocate plug-in modules anywhere on the raceway quickly and easily.

keyboard_arrow_upOctanorm | Exhibition Systems | Basic Function Excentric Lock
keyboard_arrow_downOctanorm | Exhibition Systems | Basic Function Excentric Lock

Designed here – built there is the key benefit of the OSPI network. It allows you to plan your exhibition stand at one location and have it constructed, both quickly and efficiently, at any other desired location worldwide.

keyboard_arrow_upStarline® Plug-In Raceway Power for Laboratories
keyboard_arrow_downStarline® Plug-In Raceway Power for Laboratories

Starline Plug-In Raceway provides site managers with fast and economical solutions for supplying and expanding power distribution throughout facilities. Modules can be accessed at any location to deliver a reliable and convenient power connection to keep laboratories, offices and other critical facilities working at peak efficiency. Address your power distribution needs in a matter of […]

keyboard_arrow_upStarline® DC Solutions for Data Centers
keyboard_arrow_downStarline® DC Solutions for Data Centers

Starline DC Solutions offers a Direct Current power solution for data centers based on the patented Chip2Grid technology. This solution delivers: – Increase in reliability – Lower operating and capital costs – Electrical infrastructure space savings – Higher efficiency Starline DC Solutions offers convertible, renewable, and sustainable power distribution for data centers.

keyboard_arrow_upOctanorm | EuroShop 2017 | Timelapse
keyboard_arrow_downOctanorm | EuroShop 2017 | Timelapse

The basis of your project. With a secure and structurally strong connection of lock and bolt. Flexible beams making full use of the available space. Intuitive planning tools. All this makes OCTAuniversal much more than a simple framework construction: a universal system for exhibition construction, interior design and individual projects. A look forward into the […]

keyboard_arrow_upOctanorm | Magnetic Holder
keyboard_arrow_downOctanorm | Magnetic Holder

The huge value of our system is the universal magnetic wall retainer (max. load 5 kg) for mounting a variety of faceouts, shelves and literature holders, tried and tested fabric tension technique (extrusion M 1307) with bracing possibilities for large formats and single and double sided use.  A further plus is the quick and easy change of fabric […]

keyboard_arrow_upFirmfit | Waterproof Floors | Traviata
keyboard_arrow_downFirmfit | Waterproof Floors | Traviata

FIRMFIT Flooring There’s no feeling like finally coming home! A space you’ve carefully thought out and created that corresponds to your life and will allow you to grow and spend time with your family, friends and will withstand the daily demands of an active lifestyle. Simply put, where you can live. FIRMFIT™ was developed with […]

keyboard_arrow_upExcellumax | JUNG KNX Smart Control
keyboard_arrow_downExcellumax | JUNG KNX Smart Control