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keyboard_arrow_upTurnstar TRIDENT and STREAMLINE waist height turnstiles
keyboard_arrow_downTurnstar TRIDENT and STREAMLINE waist height turnstiles

Turnstar waist height turnstiles are designed for heavy duty use and ultra quiet operation. The turnstiles are supplied with an industry leading 5 year guarantee.

keyboard_arrow_upTurnstar Man-Trap cubicle
keyboard_arrow_downTurnstar Man-Trap cubicle

Security booths suitable for use at the entrance to banks, office parks and high security installations. The man trap security booth is available in a number of different options and can also be fitted with bullet resistant glass.

keyboard_arrow_upTurnstar ATLAS manual revolving door
keyboard_arrow_downTurnstar ATLAS manual revolving door

The ATLAS range of revolving doors is available in both 3-wing and 4-wing configurations. It is ideal for creating a draft block between the internal and external environments of a building.

keyboard_arrow_upTurnstar SPECIAL NEEDS GATE semi-automatic
keyboard_arrow_downTurnstar SPECIAL NEEDS GATE semi-automatic

The special needs gate is ideal for controlling wheelchair access into a building. The gate is usually installed next to a bank of waist height turnstiles.

keyboard_arrow_upTurnstar DROP ARM BARRIER
keyboard_arrow_downTurnstar DROP ARM BARRIER

Automatic drop arm barrier for access control applications. The drop arm barrier is supplied with a stainless steel cabinet and a stainless steel and polycarbonate arm.

keyboard_arrow_upTurnstar TRAFFIC MASTER automatic vehicle barrier
keyboard_arrow_downTurnstar TRAFFIC MASTER automatic vehicle barrier

Automatic vehicle barrier. The TRAFFIC MASTER boomgate is ideal for heavy duty traffic and is designed to offer a fit and forget vehicle access solution.

keyboard_arrow_upTurnstar SUPERMARKET turnstile
keyboard_arrow_downTurnstar SUPERMARKET turnstile

One way turnstile for low security applications. The SUPERMARKET turnstile is ideal for installations in retail stores which require one way access control. SHOW MORE

keyboard_arrow_upTurnstar TRITON full height octagonal glass turnstile
keyboard_arrow_downTurnstar TRITON full height octagonal glass turnstile

Glass turnstile suitable for any prestige access control application. The turnstile’s toughened glass wings ensure high visibility and a secure barrier.

keyboard_arrow_upTurnstar TRIBUNE full height single-reader turnstile
keyboard_arrow_downTurnstar TRIBUNE full height single-reader turnstile

Single reader turnstile. Man Trap turnstile. The TRIBUNE is designed for integration with any biometric security system and is ideal for strict time and attendance applications. SHOW MORE

keyboard_arrow_upTurnstar TITAN half height turnstile
keyboard_arrow_downTurnstar TITAN half height turnstile

The TITAN half height turnstile is ideal for low to medium security installations. The half height turnstile provides a secure, yet aesthetic security solution.

keyboard_arrow_upTurnstar Systems
keyboard_arrow_downTurnstar Systems

Turnstar is Africa’s largest manufacturer of physical access control products. Turnstar manufactures a wide range of turnstiles, revolving doors, man-trap cubicles, speedgates, swing gates, vehicle barriers, boomgates, spike barriers, road bollards, rising kerbs and a number of other physical access control

keyboard_arrow_upTurnstar TRITON half height turnstile
keyboard_arrow_downTurnstar TRITON half height turnstile

Half height glass turnstile ideal for office receptions. The turnstile is offered with a five year guarantee.

keyboard_arrow_upOil-, Fuel Separators with Alarm Unit
keyboard_arrow_downOil-, Fuel Separators with Alarm Unit

Light liquid, oil, fuel, coalescence separators with SonicControl automated fuel level measuring system for monitoring and notification of oil and sludge layer thickness and back-up / overflow warning.

keyboard_arrow_upKESSEL SonicControl
keyboard_arrow_downKESSEL SonicControl

Level sensing system with ultra sonic sensor for grease separators.

keyboard_arrow_upGEZE Perlan 140 SoftStop EN
keyboard_arrow_downGEZE Perlan 140 SoftStop EN

GEZE Perlan 140 SoftStop – draw-in damping mechanism for sliding doors: Convenience and safety for sliding doors is combined perfectly in the Rollan 40 N / 80, the Perlan 140 roller-guided sliding door system as well as the Geolan design fitting and Levolan SoftStop draw-in damping.


Ecolift – the clever alternative to a classical lifting station with gravity sloped drainage.

keyboard_arrow_upGuy Fieri’s Garage Mahal makeover featuring Tuff Seal Tile
keyboard_arrow_downGuy Fieri’s Garage Mahal makeover featuring Tuff Seal Tile

This segment of the popular DIY Network Garage Mahal series features a makeover of celebrity Guy Fieri’s garage using Tuff Seal Tile from Flooring Adventures. For all more information visit

keyboard_arrow_upBackwater protection systems
keyboard_arrow_downBackwater protection systems

The KESSEL-Staufix FKA/SWA and Pumpfix F series. Top level backwater protection for exposed wastewater pipes and installation in a concrete slab/floor.

keyboard_arrow_upInoPaz H20 Application
keyboard_arrow_downInoPaz H20 Application

Bitumproof SA supplies Pazkar products to South Africa. Product lines range from bitumen-based liquid membranes, bitumen torching membranes, through Polyurethane liquid membranes, emulsions and sealants, coatings and adhesives, to thermal and acoustic insulation. As a result, Pazkar provides high quality, comprehensive proofing and insulation solutions for the construction and infrastructure industries.

keyboard_arrow_upElastopaz Bitumen Polymer Liquid Membrane Application
keyboard_arrow_downElastopaz Bitumen Polymer Liquid Membrane Application

Elastopaz is a single component Bitumen Polymer liquid membrane designed for multi purpose projects. The material features excellent adhesion, which dries to a tough, black seamless flexible waterproof membrane. Elastopaz exhibits excellent elongation and recovery properties and is suitable for high speed airless spraying applications. Moreover, Elastopaz can behave as a vapor-proof liquid membrane. Elastopaz […]

keyboard_arrow_upMaster Roof Waterproofing Application
keyboard_arrow_downMaster Roof Waterproofing Application

A two layers ultimate solution for waterproofing and roof coatings Master Roof is a white hybrid polymeric waterproofing and coating material resistant to extreme temperatures and to ponding water. Master Roof features excellent solar reflectivity and emissivity properties. The material is applied as a thick paste forming a seamless, decorative and flexible membrane that prevents […]

keyboard_arrow_upRapidFlex Application
keyboard_arrow_downRapidFlex Application

Two component water-based Bituminous Liquid Membrane for Heavy Duty Applications. Rapidflex is a rapid drying waterproofing material, featuring extremely high productivity properties. The material is based on a unique bituminous emulsion featuring outstanding flexibility properties and excellent adhesion to concrete and to metal surfaces. CE approved for roofing, ICC approved for below grade waterproofing.

keyboard_arrow_upGEZE Smoke and heat extraction systems (RWA) functional demonstration
keyboard_arrow_downGEZE Smoke and heat extraction systems (RWA) functional demonstration

RWA Safety with ventilation power GEZE Smoke and heat extraction systems (RWA)

keyboard_arrow_upGrease Separator
keyboard_arrow_downGrease Separator

In many commercial and industrial operations such as restaurants, hotels, motorway service areas, butchers or other food-processing plants, greases and oils get into the wastewater. This wastewater has quite a way to travel before it reaches the next sewage plant. A great deal of grease and food residue can become deposited in the drainage system […]

keyboard_arrow_upOil and Fuel Separator
keyboard_arrow_downOil and Fuel Separator

Oil and fuel separator.

keyboard_arrow_upBathroom drain collection
keyboard_arrow_downBathroom drain collection

The bathroom drain collection.

keyboard_arrow_upCellar Drains
keyboard_arrow_downCellar Drains

Cellar drains.

keyboard_arrow_upWastewater Station Aqualift F
keyboard_arrow_downWastewater Station Aqualift F

The new lifting station Aqualift F Compact – sewage lifting station for complete basement drainage for installation in a concrete slab/floor and for free-standing installation.

keyboard_arrow_upGrease Separator with Shredder Mix System
keyboard_arrow_downGrease Separator with Shredder Mix System

Grease Separator with Shredder Mix System.

keyboard_arrow_upBIFENA – Biological Secondary Wastewater Treatment
keyboard_arrow_downBIFENA – Biological Secondary Wastewater Treatment

Biological Secondary Wastewater Treatment.