Permastop | Treating Rising Damp

Crystalline waterproofing treatment. A cement-based mixture containing chemicals which combine with the water in cement and migrate into the concrete or cement plaster thereby effectively waterproofing the structure against hydrostatic pressure. For solving most types of waterproofing problems in belowground and water-containing structures that contain OPC. For more information about Permastop visit |…. Cemcrete products used: Permastop Water Repellent Cement Exterior Crack Filler (optional) All available from Cemcrete | This is not intended as a training video. It is a visual representation to give the viewer an understanding of the basic overview of the product. This product is intended for professional use only. For independent contractor details that can apply Permastop for you visit Cemcrete’s contractor website |

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CreteStain is an acid-based mixture containing special chemicals which reacts with the OPC in cement/concrete and permanently colours the surface. For more information about CreteStain Cemcrete products used: CreteStain Suitable Sealer All available from Cemcrete | This is not intended as a training video. It is a visual representation to give the viewer an […]

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CemCote is a pigmented, thin film cement- based decorative wall covering which is versatile and durable. It is a two coat system which produces a 1.5mm smooth decorative finish suitable for application onto new plastered walls that have been sponge, wood or steel floated, or previously painted walls. It is ideal for internal and external […]

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keyboard_arrow_upCemcrete CreteCote Application Overview
keyboard_arrow_downCemcrete CreteCote Application Overview
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keyboard_arrow_downCemcrete’s SatinCrete application overview
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On the 18th April 1973, 45 years ago, Grahame Desmond Bendall officially opened Cemcrete’s doors in Johannesburg, South Africa.

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Protect Your Investment: Tips on Caring for Your Cemcrete Floor The following care and maintenance guidelines will add to the value of your investment. Music credit: Porcelain by Moby (1998)

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CEMCRETE offers an elite range of cement-based coatings, as well as building materials to finish and aid your construction project. An overview of all the Cemcrete cement-based finishes available.