Vapour barrier reduces risk of debonding

Surface preparation is a vital aspect of any flooring application. Inadequate preparation may easily lead to loss of adhesion and ultimately failure of the flooring installation, for example, vinyl flooring ‘bubbling’ or delaminating from the substrate. When residual moisture levels or high moisture vapour emission rates exceed the permissible limits stipulated by the manufacturer of the selected floor covering (typically 3 – 3.5% moisture content), the application of TAL Vapourscreen WB prior to the flooring installation, reduces the risk of debonding.

Tal Vapourscreen poured onto surface

TAL Vapourscreen WB is a fast-curing, moisture tolerant, water-based epoxy moisture and vapour barrier for use on high moisture concrete and screeded substrates. This product is specially designed to create a chemical barrier that eliminates the out-gassing of concrete and screed, thereby reducing moisture vapour emission rates (MVER). The two-component product sets within 2 hours, depending on site and ambient conditions, and once cured, produces a high crosslinking density barrier coat which is fully compatible with the TAL range of priming agents and flooring systems.

Tal Vapourscreen surfaces

Our fast-curing formulation means that follow-on coverings of TAL Primercoat and TAL Screedmaster can be applied the same day thus reducing the overall installation time.

How to apply TAL Vapourscreen WB, in preparation for vinyl sheet flooring

TAL Vapourscreen WB is available in 2.5L and 5L kits.

For more information contact the TAL Technical Advice Centre.

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