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Valsir, the Italian leader in piping systems was founded in 1987, in accordance with a specific industrial strategy created by the Fondital Group. Today, following beyond 25 years in business, Valsir offers the market advanced systems for waste, drainage and water supply: a complete line of pipes and fittings in polypropylene with push-fit connections and high density electro fusion polyethylene; the Silere system, a line of pipes and fittings made of a soundproofing material and Triplus, the triple layer push fit system; a wide and advanced range of in-wall and exposed flush cisterns (complemented by an elegant line of design control plates); the Pexal multilayer piping system for hot and cold water applications, a wide choice of floor traps and tools; the under floor heating and cooling system; Rainplus, the syphonic rainwater drainage system and a line of floor-even shower systems.

Valsir provides training to all our customers for the correct installation of our products on and off site. All Valsir products are manufactured in Italy, are SABS approved and carry a 10 year product guarantee.

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Valsir Uneeq
keyboard_arrow_upMFV System
Valsir Uneeq
keyboard_arrow_downMFV System

The MFV system allows the installation of light load-bearing equipped walls and partition spaces for the renovation of existing bathrooms or the creation of completely new bathrooms. So an old bathroom can be refurbished or a new one can be created easily, rapidly and economically as compared to traditional renovations that involve construction work. The MFV system consists of a steel load bearing structure with latching mechanisms and fixing devices. MFV is designed in such a way that no special tools are required during installation.

Valsir Uneeq
keyboard_arrow_upValsir PexalConnex-T
Valsir Uneeq
keyboard_arrow_downValsir PexalConnex-T

Connex-T is truly a revolution in the installation of multilayer systems. Developed by Valsir to create derivations on new or existing multilayer pipes with large diameters, it provides significant reductions in installation time and costs and facilitates maintenance work. The solutions adopted have been studied so that margins of error are minimised and installation is facilitated: it is not always easy to intervene on existing pipelines due to the position and the limited space in which the job needs to be performed.

Valsir Uneeq
keyboard_arrow_upValsir Push Plates for Flush Cisterns
Valsir Uneeq
keyboard_arrow_downValsir Push Plates for Flush Cisterns

The technical excellence of the flush cistern must be matched by the right aesthetic completion of the push plates, the only visible part of the cistern installed in the bathroom. Numerous materials and finishes are employed that offer interesting combinations such as steel and wood, glass, stone and precious resins. The actuation possibilities are equally varied: mechanical, pneumatic and electronic actuation....

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keyboard_arrow_upValsirs Tropea S In-wall flushing systems
keyboard_arrow_downValsirs Tropea S In-wall flushing systems

Tropea S is the first cistern in the world designed to reduce the noise generated during use. Tropea S is, in fact, the first cistern in the world made of a soundproofing plastic material.

keyboard_arrow_upValsir RAINPLUS siphonic rainwater drainage system
keyboard_arrow_downValsir RAINPLUS siphonic rainwater drainage system

Valsir Uneeq points out that, when it comes to large building projects, a RAINPLUS syphonic rainwater drainage system is always more cost effective than a conventional drainage system.

keyboard_arrow_upValsir shower systems
keyboard_arrow_downValsir shower systems

The Valsir Uneeq floor level shower system is based on the use of EPS panels that incorporate the perfect gradient for correct drainage and guarantee quick installation and perfect insulation.


keyboard_arrow_upValsir Rain Plus Roof Outlet Installation
keyboard_arrow_downValsir Rain Plus Roof Outlet Installation

Valsir Rainplus® is a syphonic rainwater drainage system that has been designed to guarantee maximum drainage performance with the lowest levels of water accumulation on the roof. This technology guarantees water drainage on medium to large size buildings in total safety.

keyboard_arrow_upValsir In-Wall Flushing Cisterns TROPEA & Push Plates
keyboard_arrow_downValsir In-Wall Flushing Cisterns TROPEA & Push Plates

Valsir Tropea3 Flushing Cistern Quality for plumbing (EN)

keyboard_arrow_upValsir Tropea Murare for Floor Mounted WC Installation
keyboard_arrow_downValsir Tropea Murare for Floor Mounted WC Installation

The constant attention to the needs of the market has made it possible to add the innovative Tropea3 recessed box to the Valsir range. Technology, reliability, simplicity and water saving are the key points on which the project was founded. Simple installation thanks to the brass revolving feed connection. Technological inside, thanks to an innovative […]

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