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Valsir Uneeq

Quality For Plumbing

Valsir, the Italian leader in piping systems was founded in 1987, in accordance with a specific industrial strategy created by the Fondital Group. Today, following beyond 25 years in business, Valsir offers the market advanced systems for waste, drainage and water supply: a complete line of pipes and fittings in polypropylene with push-fit connections and high density electro fusion polyethylene; the Silere system, a line of pipes and fittings made of a soundproofing material and Triplus, the triple layer push fit system; a wide and advanced range of in-wall and exposed flush cisterns (complemented by an elegant line of design control plates); the Pexal multilayer piping system for hot and cold water applications, a wide choice of floor traps and tools; the under floor heating and cooling system; Rainplus, the syphonic rainwater drainage system and a line of floor-even shower systems.

Valsir provides training to all our customers for the correct installation of our products on and off site. All Valsir products are manufactured in Italy, are SABS approved and carry a 10 year product guarantee.

Brochures / Datasheets

Pexal: Multilayer Piping System for Water Supply - datasheet

Multilayer Piping System for Water Supply Combines the advantages typical of metal pipes with those of plastic pipes. Total barrier to oxygen thanks to the intermediate layer in aluminium. One pipe alone for numerous applications: systems for water supply, high and low-temperature heating and cooling and the distribution of compressed air. Certification for transportation drinking water. Maximum hygiene

Valsir Multilayer Pipe System

Multilayer pipes can be used for the supply of high and low temperature water to radiators, the supply of hot and refrigerated water to fans, distribution of hot and cold water, radiant floor, wall and ceiling heating and cooling systems, central heating stations, distribution of compressed air, laboratories, technical and industrial plants…

Valsir Design Push Plates

Valsir’s range of design push plates include Wood, Stone, Crystal, Inox (chrome) and Fantasy. Polished and satin chrome finish plates can be personalised with round or square buttons and pneumatic operation. Size depends on the Valsir flush cistern type…

Valsir Push Plates for Flush Cisterns

Push Plates for Flush Cisterns The technical excellence of the flush cistern must be matched by the right aesthetic completion of the push plates, the only visible part of the cistern installed in the bathroom. Numerous materials and finishes are employed that offer interesting combinations such as steel and wood, glass, stone and precious resins. The actuation possibilities are equally varied: mechanical, pneumatic and electronic actuation…

Valsir Company Profile

Valsir supplies the market with advanced waste systems, water supply systems, gas systems, cisterns, bathroom systems, traps, radiant systems and drainage systems.

MFV System

The MFV system allows the installation of light load-bearing equipped walls and partition spaces for the renovation of existing bathrooms or the creation of completely new bathrooms. So an old bathroom can be refurbished or a new one can be created easily, rapidly and economically as compared to traditional renovations that involve construction work. The MFV system consists of a steel load bearing structure with latching mechanisms and fixing devices. MFV is designed in such a way that no special tools are required during installation.

Valsir Bravopress Fittings

Bravopress is the new line of press fittings in PPSU (polysulfone) for heating and water supply systems.

Valsir Pexal - Mixal Multilayer Pipes

Installation and use of multilayer pipes and fittings. It is an innovative system for the creation of internal hot and cold water distribution networks, for heating circuits, air-conditioning and compressed air systems. The multilayer pipe unites the characteristics of plastic and those of ductile metal.

Valsir Floor Heating and Cooling System

Floor heating today is without doubt the most technically valid heating solution for the residential, commercial and industrial sector. The various system solutions available allow maximum flexibility and adaptability to all types of buildings and construction requirements.

Thermoline Crosslinked Polyethylene Pipes

The Thermoline pipes are made of high density crosslinked polyethylene and are employed in heating systems and domestic hot water applications thanks to their elevated thermal-mechanical characteristics that enable applications from -100°C up to +110°C.

Valsir Underfloor Heating and Cooling Systems

Valsir’s radiant underfloor heating system offers the following characteristics: greater energy saving, uniform distribution of room temperatures, less heat loss, greater thermal well-being, no limits of an architectural nature, great reliability and flexibility, no dust deposits…

Valsir Trap T-58: Compact Trap

The T-58 shallow trap produced by Valsir is the ideal solution in installation where the depth destined to installation of the system is limited, for example in renovation jobs. When using the T-58 shallow trap there’s no need to create space in the floor slab to house the trap. It is compatible with all shower trays with a hole diameter of 90mm, and guarantees high performance also when used with the most modern designer showers.

Valsir Academy: Training Offers

Valsir offers the following training courses: flush cisterns module, waste systems module, water supply module, pexal gas module, floor heating module, evolved design of waste systems inside the building, drainage systems for rainwater, multilayer pipes for gas, water supply, silvestro…

Valsir Cisterns: CE Marking

The information contained in the CE marking is a fundamental instrument for distinguishing the characteristics and the quality of flush cisterns. The CE marking follows the declaration of performance (DoP) which the manufacturer must draw up and make available to the market, in compliance with the principles…

Valsir Rainplus® Siphonic Rainwater Drainage System

Rainplus is a siphonic rainwater drainage system designed to reach maximum drainage performance with the lowest levels of water accumulation on the roof. Rainplus allows the entire quantity of rainwater to be directed to any part of the building enabling the implementation of the most modern rainwater harvesting systems…

Valsir Progetto Design: Design Project

Traditionally only a functional element, the push plate is now an important aesthetic detail in the bathroom. Combined with design, technology gives rise to the Valsir proposal: a wide choice of plates representing the latest trend in the bathroom.

Uneeq Press

Pexal is a water supply system that combines the advantages of the multilayer PEX/AL/PEX pipes with the techno polymer PPSU fittings. Pexal is suitable for hot and cold water installations with a maximum operating temperature of 95°C at 10 bar of pressure.

Tropea S: The Silent Revolution in Flush Systems

Tropea S represents an absolute novelty on the international scene, a state-of-the-art and innovative product: the first cistern in the world designed to reduce the noise generated during use. Tropea S is in fact the first cistern in the world made of a soundproofing plastic material. Laboratory tests show that the perceived noise from Tropea S is 5 times lower as compared to the most widely-used cisterns on the market.

Shower Systems

The Valsir installation systems for the creation of floor level showers incorporate the perfect gradient to ensure the correct drainage of shower water. The floor level shower system product line is composed of four solutions to meet all installation requirements with a model that was specifically designed for renovations…

Valsir Technical Manual: Waste Systems

Valsir’s technical manual for waste systems inside buildings. Characteristics, project design, calculation, installation and testing.

Triplus® Triple Layer Soundproof Waste and Drainage System

Triplus is a push-fit system that includes triple layer pipes, fittings and accessories, industrialised, produced and patented by Valsir, that guarantees the levels of low noise emissions of waste systems required by the regulations…

Valsir PP3®: Push-Fit Waste and Drainage System

Valsir PP3 is a waste system made up of pipes, fittings and accessories for the construction of waste and rainwater drainage systems. Valsir PP3 is an extremely light system and thanks to the push-fit socket with a hydraulic seal it represents the most simple solution for the construction of waste and drainage systems…

Weldable High-Density Polyethylene for Waste and Drainage Systems

Valsir HDPE is a fusion welded system made up of pipes, fittings and accessories, suitable for all installation types, destined to waste and rainwater drainage. Valsir HDPE is the ideal solution for installations above ground, thanks to its resistance to UV light; and below ground or embedded in concrete thanks to its exceptional mechanical characteristics.

Valsir Collarwings Fire Protection System

Valsir Collarwings is the new range of fire stop collars suitable for installation on plastic waste and drainage pipes. The Collarwings fire stop collars are made of steel and painted with polyester powder, fitted with special intumescent inserts which, in the event of fire, expand and squeeze the pipe thus preventing the passage of flames…

Valsir: Services Form

Valsir’s services form.

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