Use sandstone to add character to your building

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Architects from all regions of South Africa are turning their attention to enhancing homes, apartment blocks, hotels, office complexes and more, using the vast array of sandstone and quartzite now available from locally producing stone mines.

Sandstone and quartzite stone cladding qualifies to enhance any design of building, be it new, revamped, upgraded or where improvement is required.

Tastefully done, sandstone cladding reflects as a feature on the building, giving the same passionate effect as changing existing features in your garden. In the building industry sandstone cladding has the same impact a total makeover would have on a person. It is rejuvenating, attractive, stimulating and draws a lot of attention.

The opportunity to demonstrate inner creativity, passion and taste arises when you decide to change or alter an existing or new project by cladding any building with sandstone. The earthy effect blends seamlessly with our African surroundings.

Where sandstone has an advantage over other cladding materials is that, depending on the cut and colours selected, different effects and styles can be achieved. Gone are the days when sandstone cladding was only used where a rustic, country feel was required!

Desré Sandstone employs extremely talented qualified sandstone masons who are able to produce the most intricate and artistic sandstone cladding.

Desré Sandstone invites you to come and make use of our expertise of sandstone cladding.

Sandstone cladding is a 100% natural stone product that requires minimum maintenance and no sealant. Every project is unique as the sandstone adds its own character to the building. Sandstone does not crack or fade and is not affected by weather conditions. On the contrary, as sandstone weathers, the more beautiful it becomes. Stone is very strong and hardy; both adding value to any brick walls as an additional support, as well as adding a sense of beauty and uniqueness.

For more information on genuine quality in sandstone cladding, please contact Riaan/ Xaviera at Desré Sandstone on 083 587 2020 or 011 976 5956.

Desre Sandstone Desre Sandstone

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