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Beautiful to look at, comfortable to walk on, kind to the environment

Bamboo flooring is considered a hardwood in terms of its abrasion resistance, indentation resistance and toleration of moisture condition variations. These features make it very suitable for application to all the internal floor areas in domestic homes, including kitchens and bathrooms. It is also suitable for application in commercial areas such as light to medium duty retail areas, hospitality and restaurant applications, as well as office and commercial buildings.

In very dusty environments, it is recommended that a dust trapping, walk-off mat be installed at entrances, to remove abrasive dust from underneath footwear.

Bamboo flooring is the new-age alternative to the traditional hardwood floors of yesteryear. Each solid bamboo plank is made up of multiple individual pieces of bamboo pressed together to form a plank with varied direction and grain density.

Bamboo is an environmentally friendly, renewable resource. Harvested with minimal impact on its natural environment, bamboo returns to maturity in as little as five years, making it the ultimate ecologically responsible flooring alternative.

Bamboo flooring is pre-finished and therefore requires no sanding or varnishing upon installation. Its protective finish consists of multiple layers of UV resistant aluminium oxide and polyurethane coatings. The matte-finish coating preserves the grain and colour and helps protect the flooring against scratches, discolouration and wear for many years.

Like any other hardwood flooring, bamboo can be refinished. In addition to this, bamboo is 30% harder than oak flooring, giving it superior resistance to marks, gouges and impressions.

Bamboo flooring can be laid on concrete or plywood sub-floors and installed using nail down, glue down or polyethylene methods. The flooring can also be installed over underfloor heating as long as floor temperature does not exceed 27° C.

Testing Standards

  • Fire performance ASTM – E648 class 1 rating per NFPA safety code – safe for all classes of buildings
  • Abrasion resistance ASTM – C501H-22 calibrated wheels, 1,000 cycles showed weight loss of .350 grams
  • Indentation Resistance/hardness ASTM – 10371.640 PSI
  • Slip resistance ASTM – D2047 Coefficient of friction: 0.72
  • Smoke density ASTM – E622

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