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Adding texture with natural stone

In areas where you wish to add some interest, texture or a focal point; natural stone rivens and wall cladding are the ideal answer.

Union Tiles offers a wide range of wall claddings for any application, either for residential or commercial use, or for decorative features in any project where style, affordability and quality are the order of the day.

Natural stone cladding is ideal for facades of buildings, homes and boundary walls for a natural rustic old world charm, eliminating the need for painting and other long-term maintenance on the façade thereafter.  Depending on the application, cladding is available in a variety of different modes, such as tiles, rivens, rock-face, chunks or strip-walling, amongst others.

Ideal for internal and external applications, most rivens are pre-assembled for fast and easy installation, with no grouting required. Union Tiles has a wide variety of rivens and cladding including Interlocking, Modular, Ledge Stone , and Stonelo Rivens, Rock Face, Chisel Edge, Quaystone, Futuris, Country Rock Cladding and more.

No matter its use, from external cladding to internal features and fireplaces, natural stone walling adds depth and texture to any designed space and beautifully blends the boundaries between inside and out, making it easy to find a perfect match for your design.

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