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Two arm technology - turnstile with escape route function

Security against unauthorised access is just as high with 2-arm turnstiles as with Flow Systems’ long-proven 3-arm turnstiles, and at comparable investment costs. In case of emergency, especially indoors, the 3-arm option with fold-down arms has long been used as reliable safety technology. The 2-arm technology is the logical next step in development after the folding-arm turnstile. It takes the above advantages and adds a new dimension of security, economy and comfort.


  • No dangling arms to stumble over.
  • Immediate restoration of checkpoint mode after the all-clear means less time in the uncontrolled open phase and lowers the risk of unauthorised entry.


  • No more complicated escape mechanisms. This reduces investment and maintenance costs and increases the economic lifespan and availability.


  • Barrier-free access for the disabled and persons with strollers or heavy luggage.
  • Standard pedestrian access and barrier-free entry in the same lane. No traffic jams caused by people taking the wrong lane.
  • Nearly noiseless operation.
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