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Trellidor Security Shutter

Trellidor Security Shutter is the latest addition to the Trellidor lifestyle product range. This is a beautifully designed product that suits any location where it is more important for window or door treatments to blend in with an attractive interior design concept rather than provide highly visible security.

These aluminium louvre-style shutters can be manufactured in a wide range of configurations to provide seamless protection for doors and windows.  They can also be used to divide living or working spaces, creating clearly defined areas when closed or opening up to integrate them.

Trellidor Security Shutter is custom-made for each opening, ensuring an excellent fit.  They can be used to replace blinds, curtains and burglar proofing with one streamlined, multi-purpose product.

The louvre panels can be manoeuvred to allow in the required amount of light and sound and provide security even when in the fully open position.  The unique S-shape of the louvres provides excellent airflow when open. When closed, they assist with insulating the room.  The louvre shape also provides excellent rain run-off if fitted externally.

Trellidor has put its 40 years of expertise into developing the security features of Trellidor Security Shutter.  Each louvre in a unit is reinforced with an internal threaded steel bar that runs along the entire length of the louvre panel. The shutters are fitted with a patented Trellidor locking system with a unique key and serial number.  The lock is accessible from both sides for ease of use.

Trellidor has been manufacturing security barriers for residences as well as large companies and retail chains for over 40 years.  Through our franchises around RSA, Africa and on other continents we custom measure and manufacture security barriers for each customer.  Trained Trellidor technicians install the barriers to ensure ‘best fit’.

The Trellidor powder coating system includes a pre-treatment process that enhances our products’ corrosion and UV resistance. The powder coating is ideal for coastal and inland conditions and increases the lifespan of the barrier by retaining its quality finish. Colours may vary slightly with the finished product.

Trellidor Security Shutter bifold door
Trellidor Security Shutter as room divider
Trellidor Security Shutter window
Trellidor Security Shutter doors
  • Attractive, streamlined, custom-made aluminium louvre shutters for doors and windows.
  • Each louvre is reinforced with a threaded internal steel bar along the entire length of the louvre for strength and security.
  • Patented bump-proof and pick resistant Trellidor locking system with unique key and serial number for added security.
  • Provides security even when the louvres are in the open position.
  • Unique side locks ensure reduced light bleeding through the sides of the louvres.
  • Attack tested to ensure they conform to Trellidor strength standards.
  • An all-in-one product that replaces blinds, curtaining and burglar bars.
  • Concealed internal louvre driving mechanism for improved security and a neat uncluttered finish with no metal components blocking the view.
  • Choose the split of connected louvres to suit your light and privacy preferences.
  • Unique S-shaped louvre design provides upright panels when closed; better airflow when open; and better rain water run-off.
  • Top of the range customised stainless steel hinges for increased strength.
The Ultimate Crime Barrier

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