Trellidor manufactures customised security barriers for the residential, commercial and industrial markets at an ISO audited factory in Durban.  We supply our products to end-users through a wide network of franchises in South Africa and around the world. Our range of security barriers consists of sliding steel security gates; burglar bars of all types including steel, aluminium with steel reinforcing, and framed polycarbonate bars;  automated aluminium roller shutters; and stainless steel mesh security screens with an aluminium frame. Our franchises will install a single gate or burglar guard or assist with larger commercial projects such as a housing estate or office block. They are able to retro-fit all Trellidor products or will work off-plan to ensure seamless security in a new or renovated building. We have been the leading manufacturer of custom-made and installed security barriers since 1976.

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keyboard_arrow_upTrellidor | Aluminium Retractable Security Gate
keyboard_arrow_downTrellidor | Aluminium Retractable Security Gate

The Trellidor Aluminium Retractable Security gate is elegant and uncluttered with no visible rivets. It is ideal for environments such as coastal areas as it is made from structural steel to avoid the corrosion problems associated with these conditions and to provide additional strength. These gates are top hung and engineered to open and close smoothly. They are fully framed to enhance their strength.

keyboard_arrow_upTrellidor Polycarbonate Bar
keyboard_arrow_downTrellidor Polycarbonate Bar
keyboard_arrow_upTrellidor Retractable Security
keyboard_arrow_downTrellidor Retractable Security

The Trellidor Retractable Security range of fully framed, galvanised steel sliding barriers is custom-made for doors, patios, passages, windows, stairways and retail outlet counters. Models differ in terms of strengthening features. The robust double trellis design helps protect homes and commercial buildings from a break-in. These gates are neat, compact and operate smoothly. All models are fitted with a patented Trellidor locking system that locks in multiple places using just one key in a single lock.

Latest news & press releases

keyboard_arrow_upTrellidor introduces aluminium sliding security gate to range
keyboard_arrow_downTrellidor introduces aluminium sliding security gate to range

Trellidor has introduced an aluminium sliding security gate to its range of custom-made burglar proofing options.  Made from structural aluminium, it is suitable for highly corrosive environments and is engineered with the hallmark strengthening features that Trellidor products are known for. 

keyboard_arrow_upTrellidor Security Shutter ideal for estate living
keyboard_arrow_downTrellidor Security Shutter ideal for estate living

Trellidor franchises throughout RSA are being kept busy with requests from homeowners in housing estates for quotes on the newly launched Trellidor Security Shutter.  “It’s proving to be a winner for several reasons, not just because it doesn’t look like a security barrier but also because it is attractive from street view as well as […]

keyboard_arrow_upTrellidor launches polycarbonate window protection
keyboard_arrow_downTrellidor launches polycarbonate window protection

It’s pretty, practical and multi-purpose.  Made from polycarbonate strips, Trellidor’s new barrier is the ideal window protection for estate homes and others where looks count.


keyboard_arrow_upHow to tell if your Retractable Security Gate is a genuine Trellidor
keyboard_arrow_downHow to tell if your Retractable Security Gate is a genuine Trellidor

A video on how to tell if your Retractable Security Gate is a genuine Trellidor.

keyboard_arrow_upTrellidor security gate ‘wrecking ball II’ tv ad
keyboard_arrow_downTrellidor security gate ‘wrecking ball II’ tv ad

Many people asked Marketing Director, Peter Rawson what it was like to stand behind a Trellidor while a wrecking ball was thrown at it…this is your chance to experience it!

keyboard_arrow_upTrellidor Clear Guard
keyboard_arrow_downTrellidor Clear Guard

Introducing an exciting new security concept from Trellidor. Unique to South Africa, Trellidor Clear Guard combines a stainless steel mesh with an aluminum frame allowing clear views to the outside without compromising security.