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Treat wastewater correctly: Ensuring sustainable water usage

In today’s world, where water scarcity is a pressing issue, it becomes crucial to handle wastewater with utmost care. Recognising the value of water as a finite resource, we must acknowledge that contamination is sometimes inevitable in various settings, such as kitchens or vehicle refueling stations. However, to mitigate the negative impacts, it is essential to implement proper pretreatment and effective cleaning processes using suitable separator systems. By doing so, we can ensure compliance with local authority regulations regarding wastewater quality and prevent environmental degradation in its early stages. At Eurodrain Technology, we take pride in offering a wide range of innovative polymer separators designed to cater to different applications and varying wastewater quantities.

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The importance of proper wastewater treatment

Water, being a precious resource, must be conserved and used responsibly. However, due to the diverse applications of water in our daily lives, it often gets contaminated. Whether it is the residue of food waste in kitchens or the pollutants from vehicle refueling, the wastewater generated requires appropriate treatment to safeguard the environment and public health.

Effective pretreatment and cleaning with separator systems

To ensure that contaminated wastewater meets the required quality standards before being discharged into the public sewer system, pretreatment and cleaning become imperative. At Eurodrain Technology, we understand this need and provide a comprehensive range of innovative polymer separators tailored for various applications and volumes of wastewater.

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1. Kitchen separator systems

In commercial kitchens, where food preparation and cleaning are constant activities, effective separation of contaminants is essential. Our advanced kitchen separator systems are specifically designed to handle the unique challenges posed by kitchen wastewater. By efficiently removing food particles, oils, and other pollutants, these systems prevent the accumulation of grease in sewer lines and minimise the risk of blockages and overflows.

2. Vehicle refueling separator systems

Fuel stations are another area where wastewater contamination occurs regularly. Spilled fuel, oil, and other hydrocarbons can find their way into the drainage system, posing a significant threat to the environment. Our high-performance separator systems for vehicle refueling stations are designed to remove these contaminants effectively. By employing advanced filtration and separation technologies, we ensure that only clean water enters the public sewer system, thereby minimising the ecological impact.

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3. Industrial separator systems

Industries generate a substantial amount of wastewater with varying compositions. Treating this wastewater is crucial to prevent pollution and protect water resources. At Eurodrain Technology, we offer a diverse range of industrial separator systems that are capable of handling large volumes of wastewater and removing specific contaminants. By customising our solutions to suit each industry’s unique requirements, we enable efficient and compliant wastewater management practices.

Commitment to environmental stewardship

At the heart of our mission is a strong commitment to safeguarding the environment. By providing innovative separator systems, we empower businesses and individuals to treat wastewater correctly, ensuring that it meets the stringent quality standards set by local authorities. By doing so, we collectively contribute to the preservation of our valuable water resources and prevent irreversible damage to the environment.


The responsible treatment of wastewater is vital for maintaining a sustainable water supply and protecting the environment. At Eurodrain Technology, we offer a wide range of innovative polymer separators designed to cater to diverse applications and varying volumes of wastewater. By implementing effective pretreatment and cleaning processes, we can ensure compliance with local regulations and prevent environmental damage. Join us in our mission to treat wastewater correctly and secure a better future for our planet.

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