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Traviata Flooring is changing the options in the hospitality sector

Traviata is a leading importer of flooring products, supplying world-leading technology to a number of sectors in Africa.  Of specific relevance is the change which Luxury Vinyl products are bringing to the hospitality industry.  The newest ranges of “rigid core” LVT’s bring not only design flexibility but also a number of practical solutions and are gaining traction in the sector across Africa.

From beach hotels to bush lodges, mountain resorts to inner city high rises, the characteristics of LVT flooring are seeing it make great inroads against more traditional materials. 

The St. Michaels hotel on the Natal South Coast was one of the early customers of Luxury Vinyl Flooring.  The first LVT was installed some seven years ago in the entrance and reception areas.  They have been so impressed by the durability and ease on maintenance that they have recently completed upgrading all the bedrooms, bathrooms and the balance of the common areas.  The LVT is waterproof, warm under foot and has good slip resistance in wet and dry conditions.  This has allowed for the flooring to be easily carried through from the bedrooms to the bathrooms.

Traviata LVT flooring installed at St Michaels Hotel

The City Lodge Group has been one of the more recent users of Luxury Vinyl flooring in their City Lodge and Town Lodge brands.  Traviata’s products have been used in the front and back of house areas as well as the bedrooms in hotels in Johannesburg and Durban and as far afield as Tanzania, with further hotels in the pipeline.  One of the most attractive characteristics of the IsoCore flooring used in some of the upgrades is the speed of installation.  Bedrooms (and other areas) can quite literally be upgraded and put back into operation the following day with no special floor preparation, noise, smells or other inconvenience to the guests.

Traviata LVT flooring installed at St Michaels Hotel

The ease of cleaning and factory applied anti-microbial / anti-bacterial coatings have also ensured that Traviata’s LVT’s have been successful in common areas such as lounges and restaurants in the group.

Interestingly the City Lodge hotels are also using LVT in their laundry facilities.  Not only is it waterproof but the ceramic bead wear layer easily copes with the linen trolleys.

City Lodge use Traviata LVT flooring

Another interesting feature of Traviata’s IsoCore LVT is its amazing sound characteristics. The Marriott Group in the US have approved IsoCore on the basis of its floor to floor sound transmission tests.  The sound mitigating properties of the 1,5mm IXPE backer mean that it actually gives a better result than carpeted floors.  In room drum noise is also significantly reduced.  Locally Traviata have supplied this flooring to Marriott’s new hotel in the yacht club precinct in Cape Town and will be supplying the same flooring to their new hotel at Melrose Arch in Johannesburg shortly.

City Lodge use Traviata LVT flooring

The latest technology “Rigid Core” interlocking vinyl ranges contain no plasticisers at all.  This means that indoor air quality is of the highest standard as there are no phthalates, PBB’s, heavy metals or other contaminants which were associated with the very early vinyl flooring options.  This means that products like the IsoCore easily qualify for Floor Score ratings which certify them as suitable for use in all hotels, offices, classrooms and similarly sensitive living spaces.  This is one of the reasons that establishments like Kayleigh Lodge and the Ghost Mountain Inn have used Traviata’s LVT flooring in all their rooms.  If you are going into one or these pristine environments then you need the peace of mind that nothing in the accommodation is going to be harmful.

Finally and perhaps most importantly is the fact that the new breed of “rigid core” vinyl boards are incredibly stable.  This combined with them being lighter and stiffer allows for them to be used over almost any firm surface including raised and boarded floors.  It also means that they can more confidently used in areas receiving direct sunlight.  Shamwari Game Lodge has used this to great effect.  Traviata are also in the process of supplying IsoCore to a very up market “Tented” lodge in the Serengeti where it will be installed onto traditional screed floors and boarded floors in all the accommodation units.

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