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Transit studded PVC Flooring the right choice for high traffic areas

Local product – International reputation

Locally manufactured Transit products have a reputation for quality and durability earned from their extensive use in South African commercial, industrial, government and residential projects to schools in Australia and hotels in New Zealand!

warehouse pvc studded flooring

Heavy duty heritage

Adding to their durability appeal, Transit Tiles are  impervious to most solvents, chemicals and mineral oil-based liquids making them ideal for use in workshop environments, laboratories, food production facilities and many other industrial applications.

Engineered to be better

Using 100% virgin PVC according to a purposefully engineered formulation and manufactured to exacting standards in a strictly controlled, quality-driven production process, Transit products offer exceptional durability and value for money over time.

Keeping you safe

The studded design and textured finish of Transit products make for a slip resistant finish which adds to the safety of any installation and the 11 colours in the range can be used to demarcate walkways, safety equipment and hazardous zones.

Added protection is provided by the tile’s anti-static properties with a fully Conductive, Electro-Static Dissipitive tile available for areas demanding absolute static control.

The Comfort Factor

More than just superbly resilient, the stylish aesthetics, warmth,comfort and quietness underfoot and effortless cleaning make Transit Tiles the ideal flooring solution for government and commercial buildings, sports stadiums, banking halls, motor showrooms, offices, lifts and all other high traffic areas.

Colbalt blue pvc studded flooring at food production facility

Stylish Design Meets Industrial Durability

Floor Laying Instructions

Floor Covering Laying Instructions – The best possible tiles will not give satisfactory service without careful preparation of the underlying floor and the correct type of adhesive. It is vital that the floor should be clean, dry and level, without trace of dust, wax, grease, oil, solvents etc. Sheets of plywood or hardboard, at least 4mm thick, can be used to cover wooden floors prior to the laying of the tiles. Boards should be fixed with screws, counter sunk or serrated nails at approximately 150mm intervals over the face and approximately 100mm intervals along the edges. Moisture content of screed must not exceed 3%. This should be checked prior to installation. If in doubt consult adhesive manufacturers.

Transit Tiles Floor Covering Cleaning Instructions

Ensure your Transit floor covering remains pristine with our cleaning instructions. Crafted from a unique PVC formulation for durability, follow our guidelines for a simple cleaning routine to maintain your tiles’ appearance for years to come. Adjust frequency of suggested weekly maintenance as needed based on usage demands.

Recommended adhesives for the installation of Transit Tiles products

A list of recommended adhesives that should be used when installing Transit products. Acrylic adhesive, solvent-free adhesive, contact adhesive for wooden floors, walls, steel floors and lifts.

Transit Tiles

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