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Reasons to choose the toughest floor tile

Transit Tiles, produced by people who had the courage to accept, test, test again and perfect a new and advanced hi-tech process – a process that resulted in the production of a tile so superior in quality, it is unmatched in today’s market. Here are reasons to choose Transit tiles.

1. They are easy to install because

a) They are of a manageable size of 300mm x 300mm x 3mm thick.

b) They are PVC and not rubber-based and can, in most instances, be fitted using a one-way application acrylic adhesive.

c) The entire Transit range is non-directional.

2. Aesthetically Transit has the edge on many other products because

a) There is a choice of six designs.

b) All six designs are available in ten standard colours.

c) Use of the appropriate design can, by means of optical illusion, suitably affect the appearance of a room.

d) The improved round pastille design, ‘The 8×8’, has a gloss base and the radiused curve to the top of each pastille allows for easier cleaning.

e) Being PVC and not rubber-based, Transit tiles do not absorb mineral oil-based liquids which, together with inherent rubber flooring installation difficulties, can cause unsightly ‘blistering’.

f) If for any reason a tile has to be lifted or replaced, it is an easy operation, unlike ceramic tiles.

g) In newly constructed buildings where settlement movements are common, the resultant problems with cracking ceramic tiles do not occur.

3. When considering safety, Transit tiles –

a) Have a ‘non-slip’ finish.

b) Have a selection of raised studded finishes for wet areas.

c) Can offer, for computer and electronic environments, a conductive tile to eliminate static discharge which can have disastrous consequences.

d) Should, because of their available colour range, be considered for installation in factory environments where, in terms of the Factories Act, demarcations are required for walkways as well as for safe and dangerous areas.

4. Areas of application are varied because

a) In addition to having a modern and hi-tech appearance, Transit tiles are extremely robust and are equally suitable for lifts, workshop environments where heavy machinery is transported across the floor, as well as in modern buildings, motor vehicle showrooms, office blocks, banking halls and high traffic areas.

b) Transit is impervious to most solvents and chemicals as well as to mineral oil-based liquids. It has a wide range of applications, even as a counter tabletop or work surface covering in laboratories as well as in areas where chemicals and batteries are stored. In particular, in rented premises where acid corrosion damage could be caused and for which the tenant is responsible for ‘making good’, Transit flooring should be considered.

c) Correctly installed, Transit tiles can be used in areas subjected to constant spillage of water, such as change-rooms and ablution blocks and, in addition, they are warmer to the barefoot than several other flooring finishes.

5. Locally made

Unlike certain imported floor tiles, our tiles are locally manufactured making for prompt and efficient delivery either by way of road hauliers or our own delivery.

6. Backup guarantee

Transit tiles have an excellent factory backup service and our tiles are fully guaranteed when installed in accordance with manufacturers specification.

7. Wear resistance

Finally, it is so often the ‘below the line’ consideration that determines the product to be used. Transit tiles have an exceptional wear resistance and the resultant longer life together with the fact that they are manufactured locally, bearing in mind the weakness of the Rand against foreign currencies, gives them the price ‘edge’over other imported products. These advantages, together with the fact that we do not charge for deliveries, makes our tile, in addition to the various points listed above, an excellent choice for floor and other coverings.

8. Added extra

In addition to the standard Transit floor tile, the range also includes our stair finishing, Transit Tread. The width of the Transit Tread is 300mm and the depth 470mm which is adequate in size to cover the majority of stairs that are constructed in accordance with specifications recommended by the building industry. The Transit Tread is available in designs and colours which match the standard floor tile.

Should you require any further information we can be contacted at +27 +11 397 3330 or fill in the form below.

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