Floor Tiles

Transit floor tiles create an aesthetically pleasing and durable non-slip floor finish that is highly serviceable even in aggressive chemical and industrial environments. The Transit Heavy Duty floor tile, which is 3 mm thick, is available in five different raised studded patterns as well as the Jumbo design which has a rippled surface, each available in eight colours. Added to this range, a floor tile is also available in a special conductive formulation for static free environments.

Tread Staircase finishes

Coverings Staircase edging

Coverings Floor tiles

Staircase finishes

We offer our Transit Tread with built-in nosing, step and riser. Colours and designs are also available to match our floor tile range. Transit floor tiles are suitable for use in high-traffic areas and in many situations where safety, decorative value and cleanliness are important. They have been used effectively in applications ranging from mine and heavy industry through medium commercial to light domestic duty.

Transit stair trim

The ideal solution for stair edging for the open side of staircases as well as the closed side (wall). The system, although designed for Transit Tread, can also be used for other stair finishes as well as carpet and vinyl. Transit stair trim fits stair edges that comply with standard building regulations that have 90º steps.

Composition and manufacture

Transit floor tiles are injection moulded from a specially formulated locally made asbestos free PVC compound. Heavy Duty tiles measure 300 x 300 x 3 mm.


Heavy Duty: The six designs are Quadra, Matrix, Ronda, \”8×8\”, Quadra Super and Jumbo, which is a ceramic \’look-alike\’ tile. The Transit Tread is available in four designs. Each design is available in ten standard colours: Black, Cobalt Blue, Espresso, Mist, Mushroom, Olive Green, Terra and Brick Red. (White and tomato red available in 8 x 8 design).

Other properties
  • Dimensional stability (%); 0,15
  • Resistance to curling: 0
  • Loss in mass on heating (%): 0,3 Colour fastness (scale 1-8): 7 average
  • Shore hardness: 85
  • Resistance to chemicals: Resists most chemicals and solvents (test results available on request).
  • Electrical resistance: >4 x 10 (Black conductive tiles only).
  • Conventional range: Non-static
Site work 

Special materials and skills are not normally needed. A standard acrylic adhesive is trowelled onto the cement base, which should be clean, dry, smooth and free of grease and oils. Transit tiles are laid edge to edge from the centre of the floor outwards. When the tiles have been positioned, a roller is used to level them. A two-component polyurethane adhesive is available for use in conditions of exceptional moisture or heat.