Tradition meets Technology at the 2020 Summer Olympics

The 2020 Tokyo Summer Olympic Games

The New National Stadium for the Tokyo Olympic games 2020

New National Stadium

In a city where tradition meets technology, the Tokyo 2020 Summer Olympics will interest the built environment fan.

The 2020 Summer Olympics is due to be held on the 24th July 2020 till the 9th August 2020. Tokyo originally held the games in 1964, the first host in Asia. That Olympic stadium was demolished and rebuilt in the exact space, 339 events, 33 sports facilities which include five new events to appeal to the younger generations. These events include karate, surfing, skateboarding, baseball and sport climbing.

The official medals are made from old electronic equipment such as phones and laptops. New technology will be on the show, as the Cyborg lift frame to help officials lift weights or heavy equipment.

Traditional events will also be held in the city, these are sumo wrestling, baseball and karate. The National Stadium that will host the opening ceremony are the designs by architect Kengo Kuma, submitted and chosen by the committee for it’s “very natural look”.  History, heritage and tradition influenced the designs of the National Stadium. A short walk from the stadium the traditional cultural sports is held at the Metropolitan Centre for Table Tennis and Nippon Budokan for the Karate and Judo tournaments.

Tokyo aquatic centre for the 2020 Olympic games swimming and diving events

Tokyo Aquatics Centre

Toyko will be divided into two sections, the Heritage Zone and the Tokyo Bay Zone (newly reclaimed land development). In the Tokyo Bay Zone the Olympic Aquatic Centre, the BMX and Skateboard course, tennis and climbing facilities are found as well as the wrestling, baseball and basketball stadiums. The Olympian Village is also based in the Tokyo Bay Zone.

The city has undergone huge upgrades and renovations. The Shibuya station and the rapid development of 34 venues and the Yoyogi National Stadium prove that Tokyo is moving toward the future.

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tradition meets technology at the Tokyo Olympics architecture and games



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