keyboard_arrow_upBespoke African Lodges finished with Cemcrete
keyboard_arrow_downBespoke African Lodges finished with Cemcrete

Africa is known for its host of breathtaking lodges and private retreats which makes the most of the variety of African landscapes and natural scenery. Cemcrete finishes are synonymous with lodge design and have been used in lodges and hotels throughout Africa since 1973. We showcase 5 awe-inspiring lodges all boasting Cemcrete finishes.

keyboard_arrow_upSmooth-finishing plasters for interior use
keyboard_arrow_downSmooth-finishing plasters for interior use

Saint-Gobain Gyproc has launched two new plaster products formulated respectively to provide a smooth finishing surface on plasterboard and on brick or block.  Gyproc RhinoLite Skim Plaster for RhinoBoard is a gypsum plaster-based product that is easy to apply using a hand-skim method similar to that used with other Rhinolite products. One of the key benefits of this new skim plaster is that no pre-treatment of joints or screws is required. The plaster provides total coverage and a durable, smooth finish with a high resistance to impact and scratches. It also provides the further benefit that skimmed surfaces do not require sanding and can be painted directly after the plaster has set and dried. 

keyboard_arrow_upNew plaster coating for wide ranging applications
keyboard_arrow_downNew plaster coating for wide ranging applications

Newly launched by Marmoran, Easy-plast is a premium quality aqueous surfacing compound. With a formulation based on high performance styrene/butadiene co-polymer latex, Easy-plast is suitable for interior and exterior use and can be applied onto a variety of substrates, such as glass mosaic tiles, ceramic tiles, high gloss substrates, masonry, timber, polystyrene and other composite boards. When used in exterior insulation and finishing systems, it is applied onto polystyrene insulation boards in conjunction with a polyester mesh.