keyboard_arrow_upThe greys are here to stay
keyboard_arrow_downThe greys are here to stay

Most trends come and go faster than the seasons, however, it seems that the grey trend is here to stay. In recent years greys have become the preferred base for most interior and exterior spaces. The versatility of different shades of grey offer endless pairing options that work for any space in the home whether […]

keyboard_arrow_upCemCote Skimmed – The latest from Cemcrete
keyboard_arrow_downCemCote Skimmed – The latest from Cemcrete

We recently saw the launch of an exciting new product added to the Cemcrete range – CemCote Skimmed. This product is a skim-on coating (as the name implies) that is not only aesthetically pleasing, but also extremely versatile. Let’s look at some of the many ways that CemCote Skimmed can be used.

keyboard_arrow_upArtisanal finishes for artisanal restaurants
keyboard_arrow_downArtisanal finishes for artisanal restaurants

Dining has now more than ever become an experience, rather than just nibbling on a plate of food. Guests are thirsting for an aesthetically pleasing space as well as tasty menu options. South African restaurants are moving away from mundane and stereotypical finishes and are creating spaces that are as artisanal as the dishes they […]

keyboard_arrow_upHeat insulation and waterproofing in one
keyboard_arrow_downHeat insulation and waterproofing in one

a.b.e Construction Chemicals’ new abeproof thermoshield heat insulating, shielding and waterproofing coating is the ideal treatment for roofs and walls ahead of the approaching hot, wet summers for most parts of South Africa.  abeproof thermoshield is a cost-effective water-based coating that incorporates advanced insulation technology to reduce the interior temperature of buildings while, simultaneously, serving as a waterproofing coating.

keyboard_arrow_upFactory washroom repairs from floor to ceiling
keyboard_arrow_downFactory washroom repairs from floor to ceiling

When the Cadbury’s factory in Sydenham, Port Elizabeth, needed renovations, a fast turnaround time was critical as the internal repairs would affect production. With this challenge in mind the contractor specified selected Sika products to ensure that the work could be completed quickly and efficiently.

keyboard_arrow_upColour can make the difference
keyboard_arrow_downColour can make the difference

The Dulux Let’s Colour project is travelling the world and made its first stop in South Africa in September last year – at the Atamelang Primary School in Naledi, Soweto. The international campaign aims to inspire people in need, in diverse communities and neigbourhoods, to reclaim and regenerate their surroundings – transforming grey spaces by using paint and colour – and to enjoy the uplifting effects that colour can have.

keyboard_arrow_upBoost for training in SA coatings industry
keyboard_arrow_downBoost for training in SA coatings industry

Training in the South African coatings industry has received a major boost through new access to over 65 training modules of the British Coatings Federation (BCF). All the training modules are sanctioned by the internationally-respected training body, City and Guilds of London. The BCF decision to allow its training modules to be introduced in South Africa follows a visit to the UK by Deryck Spence, executive director of the South African Paint Manufacturing Association (SAPMA). His negotiations with BCF will now lead to the first formal Articles of Association being drawn up between BCF and SAPMA.

keyboard_arrow_upThe right paint for high humidity zones
keyboard_arrow_downThe right paint for high humidity zones

Kitchens and bathrooms – in domestic, commercial or industrial installations – are typically exposed to a lot of moisture in their day-to-day use. With moisture comes the risk of unsightly and unhygienic mould growth – but with the appropriate preparation and surface coating, this can be prevented. Dawid du Plessis, technical services manager at Prominent Paints, says, “For these higher humidity zones, it’s necessary to select the appropriate finishing products. The top coat should be a good non-drip enamel and should be applied over a quality plaster primer.”

keyboard_arrow_upTaking leaded paint off the shelf
keyboard_arrow_downTaking leaded paint off the shelf

The South African Paint Manufacturing Association’s (SAPMA) quest to remove all paints containing lead from South African stores has gained momentum with two major retail chains having pledged their support for the campaign. 

keyboard_arrow_upMoving to eco-friendly paint products
keyboard_arrow_downMoving to eco-friendly paint products

Environmental benefits no longer have to mean a compromise on quality or performance when it comes to specifying paint. The Ecosure range from Dulux Trade provides high quality, long lasting finishes with excellent application characteristics and in a wide selection of colours. Dulux Trade Ecosure can be tinted using the company’s colour system – allowing for flexibility across a spectrum of some 1 200 colours while maintaining the product’s eco-friendly attributes. In this range, white and lighter colours offer the more significant environmental benefits.

keyboard_arrow_upNew plaster coating for wide ranging applications
keyboard_arrow_downNew plaster coating for wide ranging applications

Newly launched by Marmoran, Easy-plast is a premium quality aqueous surfacing compound. With a formulation based on high performance styrene/butadiene co-polymer latex, Easy-plast is suitable for interior and exterior use and can be applied onto a variety of substrates, such as glass mosaic tiles, ceramic tiles, high gloss substrates, masonry, timber, polystyrene and other composite boards. When used in exterior insulation and finishing systems, it is applied onto polystyrene insulation boards in conjunction with a polyester mesh.

keyboard_arrow_upCement-based wall coatings with integral colour
keyboard_arrow_downCement-based wall coatings with integral colour

When it comes to wall finishes, interior design specifiers are no longer limited to smooth or textured plastering covered with a paint product. Saint-Gobain Weber recently launched two cement-based wall coatings, offering specifiers further options that are aesthetically pleasing, durable, and help save on maintenance in the long term. 

keyboard_arrow_upNew paint and paint remover win favour
keyboard_arrow_downNew paint and paint remover win favour

This year’s AC Nielsen consumer survey of innovative products saw two new Plascon products winning consumers’ favour. Plascon RemovALL All Purpose Paint Remover was voted Product of the Year in the Paint Removers category and Plascon Cashmere was voted Product of the Year in the Paint category.

keyboard_arrow_upContinuing innovation from paint manufacturer
keyboard_arrow_downContinuing innovation from paint manufacturer

Since it was established in 1987, Pretoria-based Warrior Paints & Coatings  has pursued a strategy of research and innovation, responding to the needs of the market to build its business. Although it is a family business, it is not a traditional ‘father and son’ organisation. It was formed by three brothers – Aggie, Anton and Chris Agyrou – together with their brother-in-law, Artemi Petrou.