keyboard_arrow_upHow to pick the right tiles for your bathroom
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Despite ever-changing trends, new technologies and evolutions in taste, an overwhelming majority of homes in South Africa feature tiles in the bathroom. So, what makes them such a popular choice? Are they really the best flooring material? And how do you choose the right tiles for your home?

keyboard_arrow_up7 Awe-inspiring marble use cases
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Marble is an exceptionally versatile material used for centuries to create awe-inspiring art, majestic staircases, classic kitchens and resplendent flooring. With today’s contemporary design trends, the wide selection of marble can be used in more ways than ever before.

keyboard_arrow_upSurrounded by sandstone
keyboard_arrow_downSurrounded by sandstone

Sandstone is generally formed from beds of sand below the sea or low lying areas.  As this bed of sand subsides into the earth’s crust, usually pressed down by overlaying sediments, it is heated and compressed.  Water flows slowly through all these tiny grains, importing minerals.  Minerals crystallise around the sand grains and cement them […]

keyboard_arrow_upNatural stone for wall cladding
keyboard_arrow_downNatural stone for wall cladding

Although most natural stone can be used with equal effect on both floors and walls, Natural Stone Warehouse also offers a vast array of stone, sourced from across the globe, specifically for wall cladding.

keyboard_arrow_upNatural stone countertops
keyboard_arrow_downNatural stone countertops

The World of Marble and Granite – WOMAG – recently announced its seasonal selection of natural stone countertops in a range of finishes and colours to suit almost any space.  Natural stone countertops provide functional working surfaces for modern living in that they are durable, low-maintenance and introduce a distinctive character into any given space. WOMAG offers great inspiration in its comprehensive collection of natural stone countertops – from dramatic granite to classical marble in a myriad of shades and quartz-based surfaces in countless colourways. The company uses state-of-the-art machinery to craft the finest stone into customised countertops and tiles.