keyboard_arrow_upHow will we live in 2025?
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By 2020, UberAir plans to run air taxis in at least three big cities – Dallas, LA and Dubai. If these get off the ground a transportation revolution could be sparked that could lead to the rise of airborne cities (think Fifth Element or Blade Runner). Add to this artificial intelligence, environmental issues and the […]

keyboard_arrow_upLiving art and living screens by GreenHive
keyboard_arrow_downLiving art and living screens by GreenHive

There are many reasons to consider bringing plants into your living or working environment. Plants improve air quality by photosynthesising and releasing oxygen into the air, and also act as biofilters for impurities. Acoustics are also enhanced as plants absorb sound and help with diffraction. Plants promote better health & wellness through a spiritual connection […]

keyboard_arrow_upVertical Landscapes at Decorex 2010
keyboard_arrow_downVertical Landscapes at Decorex 2010

Vertical Landscapes exhibited the first modular green walls available in South Africa at Decorex Johannesburg 2010. A Vertical Landscape is literally a garden growing on a wall. But since this is a garden that one may take in “from the top” as it were, its impression is lasting, its impact is sensational and its design possibilities are as wide as those of a painter with an empty canvas.