keyboard_arrow_upUpgrade old tiled floors with luxury vinyl and laminate
keyboard_arrow_downUpgrade old tiled floors with luxury vinyl and laminate

Installing new tenants or just upgrading, refurbishment work comes with a unique set of challenges. These include not upsetting other tenants in the process and getting areas back into service as soon as possible.

keyboard_arrow_upHard core flooring
keyboard_arrow_downHard core flooring

For some years now, interlocking vinyl flooring has been making great strides in the industry worldwide. While vinyl flooring is not a new science, what keeps it at the forefront is the speed at which technological advances continue to take place.

keyboard_arrow_up2018 is looking positively vinyl!
keyboard_arrow_down2018 is looking positively vinyl!

Soon hitting our shores, is the brand new “Firm-Fit” residential vinyl flooring range. “Firm-Fit” makes use of state of the art “rigid-core” technology, offering a far more “stable” board, which can be used in full sun conditions (provided rules are adhered to around expansion joints). The full range with colour options will be available from […]

keyboard_arrow_upLaminate flooring – quality is everything!
keyboard_arrow_downLaminate flooring – quality is everything!

For the past three years now Traviata Flooring has sourced its laminate flooring from Laminate Park GMBH in Heusweiler, Germany – without one single product claim in South Africa!!

keyboard_arrow_upThe show goes on thanks to Traviloc
keyboard_arrow_downThe show goes on thanks to Traviloc

Held in October 2013 at the NASREC exhibition site, the Johannesburg International Motor show used over 1500m2 of Traviata Flooring products in total

keyboard_arrow_upFit for purpose flooring
keyboard_arrow_downFit for purpose flooring

With ongoing technological improvements, the concept of ‘fit for purpose’ flooring has taken on a new reality. This has recently shown to be the case in a number of old age homes, frail care centres and clinics where a new generation of interlocking luxury vinyl flooring has been used.