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Lonza Wood Protection, formerly Arch Wood Protection, recently announced the launch of Vacsol™ Azure™ – a premium wood preservative – in the South African market. This is the first metal-free wood preservative in the light organic solvent market and it carries the Ecospecifier Global endorsement, which provides the assurance that Vacsol Azure preservative treated wood exhibits ecological and health preferable characteristics in the various categories tested by the third party. 

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Following the acquisition of Arch Chemicals Inc. by Lonza in October 2011, Arch Wood Protection has become part of Lonza Microbial Control, the world’s largest microbial control business. As a result, Arch Wood Protection will now be known as Lonza Wood Protection. Over the short term, customers may find both the Arch Wood Protection (SA) name and the Lonza brand name on materials supplied by the company.  Lonza Wood Protection specialises in products for the industrial pre-treatment and surface protection of wood and has global operations in North and South America, Europe, key markets in Middle Africa, the Middle East and Asia Pacific. In its approach to business Lonza focuses on delivering innovative products, valued brands and exceptional customer service. 

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Arch Wood Protection (SA) (Pty) Ltd, a Lonza Company, has recently completed the installation of the largest CCA treatment plant in Zimbabwe for The Wattle Company. The plant, with a minimum capacity of about 110m³ per shift, falls in line with The Wattle Company’s decision to expand into the treatment sector and establish a state-of-the-art treatment plant.  The Wattle Company project director, Joseph Musemwa, explained the decision to use the services of Arch Wood Protection. “We particularly wanted to take advantage of Arch’s experience in the design and installation of CCA treatment plants. The supply of ‘everything under one roof’: the plant design, installation, commissioning, training, the chemicals and after-sales service, was a huge draw card as well. Being new to the treatment sector, we believed it was a sound decision to enter the market with the expert backing of Arch in order to market our products as effectively as possible and to support our application for ISO 9001 certification.”

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Arch Wood Protection (SA), a Lonza company and a leading supplier of wood preservation chemicals in South Africa, is seeing steady growth in demand for Tanalised™ E pressure treated wood as environmental considerations become more important in construction and many other sectors. Tanalised E wood is pressure treated with Arch’s advanced Tanalith™ E wood preservative.  Last year, Tanalised™ E pressure treated wood received a product assessment certificate from the Ecospecifier Global organisation. This certification confirms that the product has undergone rigorous assessments and can be considered to contribute to the achievement of Green Building ratings credits. Architects and other professionals concerned with Green Star ratings can find out more about the ecospecifier assessments and findings on Tanalised E pressure treated wood on the ecospecifier website.  Gerard Busse, marketing manager at Arch Wood Protection, says, “Given the growing interest in Green Star certification in South Africa, Tanalised E pressure treated wood offers professionals additional options in specifying treated wood products. In South Africa, the wood is sourced from Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®) certified plantations before it is treated at the timber supply companies.

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 Lonza Group Ltd, which is headquartered in Basel, Switzerland and is a leading supplier to the global life sciences, healthcare and pharmaceutical industries, acquired Arch Chemicals Inc and its worldwide interests towards the end of 2011. The acquisition includes Arch Wood Protection’s South African operation, Arch Wood Protection (SA) (Pty) Ltd, supplier of timber treatment products to the South African timber industry.

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The Institute of Timber Frame Builders (ITFB) (formerly known as the Timber Frame Building Association) recently held its annual general meeting at the Eikendal wine farm in Stellenbosch. This annual gathering of the industry also sees the presentation of the ITFB Awards for timber buildings in various categories, as well as for timber decking and boardwalks.

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Wood rot is a phenomenon that can affect any type of timber irrespective of where it is used. Recent heavy rains in some of South Africa’s provinces have raised the threat of wood rot. According to Arch Wood Protection, a leading supplier of timber treatment products, there are different types of fungi that may attack wood. Staining fungi will result in discoloration of the timber but the damage is only superficial – the strength of the timber is not affected. However, where timber appearance is important, its value can be significantly reduced by this kind of attack.

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The Institute of Timber Frame Builders (ITFB) – the new organisation formed from the merger last year of the long-established Timber Frame Builders Association and the Institute of Timber Construction – is making progress on a number of fronts. This was reported at the organisation’s general meeting at end 2010. Within the context of the ITFB’s general mandate to promote the interests of the timber frame construction sector, specific aspects being addressed include a new training course, the establishment of a training college, a new inspectorate, a new publication serving ITFB members, and a membership drive to strengthen representation.

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During 2010 Arch Wood Protection presented its Continuing Professional Development seminars in Cape Town, Pretoria and Johannesburg. The course content, assessed and validated by the South African Institute of Architects (SAIA), is classified as a category one CPD activity and carries a 0.2 CPD credit. The seminars attracted architects, specifiers, contractors and other role players in the timber sector and focused on providing information on the general attributes, applications and treatment of timber as well as legislative issues related to timber production and use in South Africa.

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Cova de Tubarao, a lodge on Macaneta Island off the Mozambique coast, demonstrates the attributes of treated timber in construction. The island is just 15km wide and 70 km long and the environment is characterised by wetlands and dunes. Care has been taken in the construction of the lodge – and in further development currently under way – to protect the fragile ecology of the island.

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The Interbuild exhibition in Johannesburg in September provided a platform to showcase timber in construction in a full-scale timber frame home which was erected in one of the exhibition halls. The idea was first put forward by the Institute of Timber Frame Builders (ITFB) and the exhibition house was coordinated as a joint venture by the Wood Foundation and the Institute of Timber Construction (ITC) so that all aspects of timber construction could be displayed.

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Arch Wood Protection SA is expanding its Southern African footprint, extending its reach, its products and its expertise in the sub-Saharan region. It has established a close working relationship with Mauritian timber supplier, Grewals, one of the leading timber merchants and sawmillers and owner of the only commercial treatment plant on the island.