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Alububble radiant barrier insulation, manufactured by Africa Thermal Insulations (ATI) has been used for many years mainly in industrial applications. Over recent years it has gained popularity in domestic applications as well. Although it is clear that the product works, there have been no recognised test methods that measure the difference radiant barriers make to internal temperatures when installed. ATI therefore decided to conduct a test case study using thermal imaging.  First, in an uninsulated house, it recorded thermal images and temperatures at different points outside and inside the building. These temperatures showed the heat flow into the house. A retrofit installation of Alububble was then completed in the house and thermal images and temperatures were recorded again.  The outside temperature on both days was recorded at 30°C but the difference in the internal temperature, once the Alububble radiant barrier had been installed, was notable. The diagram illustrates the temperature readings on both the insulated and uninsulated house.