keyboard_arrow_upTan-Treat™ gets the ‘thumbs up’ from Khulani Timbers
keyboard_arrow_downTan-Treat™ gets the ‘thumbs up’ from Khulani Timbers

Khulani Timber Industries, one of Limpopo’s longest established timber treatment operators, has given Arch Wood Protection’s Tan-Treat™ Quality Support System the ‘thumbs up’ for value-added savings and efficiency improvements.

keyboard_arrow_upLonza pays tribute to thatchers
keyboard_arrow_downLonza pays tribute to thatchers

Lonza Wood Protection’s long-standing commitment to the role and development of thatchers in the timber industry was recently highlighted by their sponsorship of the National Thatch Photo Competition, an exciting feature of the Thatching Association of South Africa (TASA) annual congress. As a sponsor of the competition for a number of years, Lonza believes that TASA is a significant platform to acknowledge and applaud the role of thatchers in South Africa.