keyboard_arrow_upSwartland launches a new range of insulation
keyboard_arrow_downSwartland launches a new range of insulation

Leading local supplier of building-related products, Swartland, has recently launched its Summit range, which comprises all products related to the ceiling and up. The first product to be launched in this range is internationally renowned Knauf insulation. Says Cobus Lourens, from Swartland: “Swartland is very excited to be launching Knauf Mineral Wool Insulation under its […]

keyboard_arrow_upPatio doors: a buyer’s guide
keyboard_arrow_downPatio doors: a buyer’s guide

Patio doors offer a way of allowing more natural light into your home’s interior spaces, as well as creating a flow to the outdoors. Swartland offers sliding and hinged patio doors, as well as fold-a-side patio doors.

keyboard_arrow_upSwartland: Preventative measures to minimise maintenance of wooden doors
keyboard_arrow_downSwartland: Preventative measures to minimise maintenance of wooden doors

Wooden doors offer many benefits – wood is an excellent insulator, it is a green building material, and there is nothing that quite compares to the rich natural beauty of solid timber. So, if you are choosing wooden doors for your home, here are some tips from Cobus Lourens, from leading window and door manufacturer, […]

keyboard_arrow_upA buyer’s guide for windows
keyboard_arrow_downA buyer’s guide for windows

Windows are a big investment, so it is important to ensure that you make the best purchase decision for your home and your needs. Cobus Lourens from leading window and door manufacturer, Swartland, offers some advice for those in the market for windows for their home.

keyboard_arrow_upOpening doors
keyboard_arrow_downOpening doors

Interior doors are more important to the overall feel of your interior spaces than you realise. While they remain comparatively minor elements in the greater architectural scheme of things, they do create a tactile experience that any homeowner will come into contact with a number of times each day, and which will leave a significant […]

keyboard_arrow_upIs it time for a fenestration upgrade?
keyboard_arrow_downIs it time for a fenestration upgrade?

Cobus Lourens from leading local window and door manufacturer, Swartland, explores the many benefits of upgrading your home’s fenestration. Did you know that up to 30% of a house’s heat loss and gain can occur through its windows and doors? Cobus Lourens from leading windows and doors manufacturer, Swartland, explains how you can make the […]

keyboard_arrow_upAre you ready for quality and convenience?
keyboard_arrow_downAre you ready for quality and convenience?

Swartland’s innovative Ready-2-Fit range of wooden windows and doors come pre-glazed and pre-sealed directly from the factory – saving you time and money.

keyboard_arrow_upLooking out at window trends
keyboard_arrow_downLooking out at window trends

If you are looking to save energy, let in a little more light, create a seamless transition between your home’s interior and exterior spaces, and improve your home’s overall appeal – replacing your home’s windows could be the answer. To make sure that the upgrade keeps up with the times, Cobus Lourens from leading window […]

keyboard_arrow_upThe right frame of mind
keyboard_arrow_downThe right frame of mind

Selecting the right window frames for your home is a crucial decision – Cobus Lourens from leading window and door supplier, Swartland, offers homeowners some tips on how to go about selecting windows that will give you the best bang for your buck, without delivering a blow to your bottom line.

keyboard_arrow_upEnergy efficient fenestration
keyboard_arrow_downEnergy efficient fenestration

Up to 30% of a house’s heat loss and gain can occur through its windows and doors. Dylan Miller from windows and doors manufacturer, Swartland, explains how important it is to make the right choice when it comes to fenestration, which will not only lower the structure’s heating, cooling and lighting bills, but helping to minimise its impact on the environment.

keyboard_arrow_upGlazed and confused
keyboard_arrow_downGlazed and confused

Glazing is the technical term for fixing sheet glass into a frame, whether it is a window, door or skylight.“If correctly installed, glass can be extremely durable and strong,” explains Dylan Miller from leading wooden window and door manufacturer, Swartland.

keyboard_arrow_upThe cradle-to-grave eco approach
keyboard_arrow_downThe cradle-to-grave eco approach

There are many various individual aspects that help to define a product’s green credentials. However, it is essential to look at the environmental impact of the product in question from a holistic perspective, and to see how all those individual aspects work together, in order to truly understand how ‘green’ it actually is. This is what is termed a life-cycle assessment, or a cradle-to-grave analysis.

keyboard_arrow_upAffordable, strong and eco-friendly
keyboard_arrow_downAffordable, strong and eco-friendly

Building on a tight budget does not necessarily mean compromising on quality, beauty or not being able to do your bit for the environment says Swartland’s Cobus Lourens. “The new Kayo pre-sealed and pre-glazed hardwood windows break new ground. We manufacture them to world-class standards, offering high quality, durability and good looks that last. What’s more they are manufactured from timber, in a sustainable manner, which makes them an excellent choice for green building practices.”

keyboard_arrow_upInsulate and save
keyboard_arrow_downInsulate and save

When it comes to heat loss, windows and doors are generally the biggest culprits, as by default, they are designed to open the inside of the building to the outdoors. Up to 40% of energy loss can occur through standard single pane windows.