keyboard_arrow_upThe Race to Zero: 78 Corlett Drive
keyboard_arrow_downThe Race to Zero: 78 Corlett Drive

As one of the first projects in Africa to be certified Net Zero, 78 Corlett Drive in Johannesburg is leading the local green building sector into a new phase of evolution. The project was awarded a Net Zero Carbon (Pilot) Level 1 Certification in late November 2017, and a 6-star Green Star Office V1.1 Design certification […]

keyboard_arrow_upClay brick – a multi-dimensional sustainable building material
keyboard_arrow_downClay brick – a multi-dimensional sustainable building material

Clay brick construction fulfils all three sustainable development imperatives – economic, social and environmental – according to Dirk Meyer, managing director of Corobrik.

keyboard_arrow_upClay brick in sustainable house construction
keyboard_arrow_downClay brick in sustainable house construction

Research in the USA, Australia and South Africa continues to present the many reasons why clay brick construction, so widely applied in South Africa for house construction, deserves its pre-eminent status in sustainable house construction.

keyboard_arrow_upStand 47 demonstrates light steel frame construction benefits
keyboard_arrow_downStand 47 demonstrates light steel frame construction benefits

Stand 47 is a contemporary, state-of -the-art, modern and architecturally engaging home that demonstrates the concepts of adaptability, innovation and efficiency using Saint-Gobain products. The home is being built as a "case study" using state of the art building materials with the main structure constructed using a light steel frame system. Light steel frame construction systems offer effective solutions meeting the objectives of the Stand 47 project, being to provide a showcase of how best to design and spec contemporary homes using innovative and sustainable building materials.

keyboard_arrow_up6 Green Stars to shine at DEA Head Office
keyboard_arrow_down6 Green Stars to shine at DEA Head Office

The new Department of Environmental Affairs (DEA) head office in Pretoria has received a 6 Star Green Star SA Office Design v1 certification from the Green Building Council South Africa (GBCSA).

keyboard_arrow_upRecognising the supply chain in sustainable development
keyboard_arrow_downRecognising the supply chain in sustainable development

The Legrand Group was awarded the coveted ‘Responsible Supplier Relations’ mark of approval towards the end of last year (2012), becoming one of the first four companies in France to be granted this recognition. 

keyboard_arrow_upHeat-reflective coating to reduce interior temperatures
keyboard_arrow_downHeat-reflective coating to reduce interior temperatures

Leading South African coatings manufacturer Kansai Plascon has introduced a new paint technology with the launch of Nuroof Cool, with the Herotech Enviroshield™ formulation. This breakthrough paint technology provides a coating that reflects at least 30% of the infrared light off roof surfaces, reducing the interior temperature of homes or other buildings by up to 8°C and potentially allowing for lower energy consumption within the building. 

keyboard_arrow_upClay bricks for Green Star rated DPW district office
keyboard_arrow_downClay bricks for Green Star rated DPW district office

As the first provincial government building to achieve a five-star Office v1 design rating from the Green Building Council of South Africa (GBCSA), the KwaZulu-Natal Department of Public Works’ new Sisonke District Office in Ixopo illustrates that Corobrik bricks present designers with a material that works for sustainable buildings, taking account of key environmental imperatives. 

keyboard_arrow_upWorld GBC Congress to be held in Cape Town
keyboard_arrow_downWorld GBC Congress to be held in Cape Town

The Green Building Council of South Africa (GBCSA) has announced that it will, this year, have the privilege to host the World Green Building Council (WGBC) Congress which will run in parallel with its own 6th annual GBCSA Convention and Exhibition in Cape Town in October. 

keyboard_arrow_upA gypsum board that cleans the air
keyboard_arrow_downA gypsum board that cleans the air

Saint-Gobain Gyproc has launched Activ’ Air, a revolutionary plasterboard that actively improves indoor air quality. It removes VOCs (volatile organic compounds) from the air and keeps them out, providing for a healthier living, learning or working environment.

keyboard_arrow_upThermally activated building systems save energy
keyboard_arrow_downThermally activated building systems save energy

Rehau played a part in the construction of South Africa’s first building to achieve a 6-star Green Star SA rating from the GBCSA – the Vodafone Site Solution Innovation Centre in Midrand.

keyboard_arrow_upPower factor correction optimises energy usage
keyboard_arrow_downPower factor correction optimises energy usage

Magnet, specialist in the supply, implementation and support of electrical equipment and industrial instrumentation, also offers a power factor correction (PFC) service, designed to protect electrical and electronic equipment from potential damage and to reduce electricity usage.

keyboard_arrow_upShutters allow ventilation, light and heat control
keyboard_arrow_downShutters allow ventilation, light and heat control

The recent amendments to the National Building Regulations – with the introduction of the SANS 10400-XA energy efficiency standard – impact on the design and specifications of many elements of a building, from floor to roof, including windows and doors.  Well-designed and finished windows and doors can improve the energy efficiency of a building by optimising natural ventilation, heating and cooling as well as natural daylighting. 

keyboard_arrow_upGreen waterproofing products find market favour
keyboard_arrow_downGreen waterproofing products find market favour

With the growing global emphasis on eco-friendly building products there has been strong local interest in the new environmentally-friendly waterproofing products launched recently by a.b.e. Construction Chemicals , part of the Chryso Southern Africa Group.  Lance Anderson, a.b.e.’s brand manager for waterproofing, says the company now has the rights for local distribution of an extensive range of low-VOC waterproofing products based on technology proven in applications globally. 

keyboard_arrow_upSustainability in steel – Steel Awards 2012
keyboard_arrow_downSustainability in steel – Steel Awards 2012

The underlying theme for Steel Awards 2012 is all about sustainability. With the Aveng Group as the main sponsor, the 2012 Steel Awards programme is looking for steel structures that reflect a responsible approach to the environment. “While the judges always consider a range of criteria in judging the submissions, including technical excellence, innovation and aesthetics, this year, ‘green’ issues, in a broad sense, are an important factor,” says Spencer Erling, education director at the Southern African Institute of Steel Construction (SAISC). 

keyboard_arrow_upSustainability week – connecting the dots
keyboard_arrow_downSustainability week – connecting the dots

Sustainability Week is scheduled to run 25 to 29 July 2012 at the Sandton Convention Centre in Johannesburg and will include a series of conferencing activities as well as an exhibition.  The event is based on the premise that appropriate responses to the current global crises need to take account of the interconnectedness of these issues. Climate change, oil/energy security, food security, waste generation, water and soil degradation, the destruction of habitat and the extinction of species, and now the financial crisis too, all impact on each other directly or indirectly. Understanding this interconnectedness is fundamental to understanding the true cost of our actions.  In this context, Sustainability Week aims to identify opportunities for change that recognise the ‘full picture’. Taking a broad view and engaging on specific issues, it will look at ways to make our economy and society more sustainable and resilient to external shocks – such as drought, extreme weather conditions, runaway oil prices and others.

keyboard_arrow_upLearn more about green buildings
keyboard_arrow_downLearn more about green buildings

The Green Building Council of South Africa (GBCSA) offers a number of different training courses, seminars and workshops which are scheduled throughout the year. These give building industry professionals and other practitioners the opportunity to learn more about the Green Star SA certification process, the use of computer simulations in achieving Green Star SA certification, or the basics about green buildings and the Green Star SA tools currently available, among other related topics.  All courses are validated for CPD (continuing professional development) points for architects and engineers.  Towards the end of March the GBCSA is running a Green Star SA - Simulations and Submissions Seminar, a Green Star SA Project Certification Workshop and a Greening Commercial Interiors Workshop, in Johannesburg.  The Green Star SA Accredited Professional Course will be run in April and May in four main centres: in Cape Town, 17 April; Johannesburg, 18 April; Bloemfontein, 19 April; and Port Elizabeth, 24 May.

keyboard_arrow_upInsulation to meet new SANS energy-efficiency requirements
keyboard_arrow_downInsulation to meet new SANS energy-efficiency requirements

Buildings account for about 40% of all energy consumed in South Africa and their potential to save energy is huge.  The National Building Regulations (NBR) have been updated to include Part X, which addresses environmental sustainability, and Part XA, which establishes requirements for energy efficiency in new buildings and will come into effect from 10 November 2011.

keyboard_arrow_upBamboo for doors, floors and other applications
keyboard_arrow_downBamboo for doors, floors and other applications

 Scanda Wood Products produces bamboo doors and cupboard doors as well as countertops and stairs made from bamboo supplied by Panda Bamboo.  Bamboo is sometimes described as a wonder material – for its strength, hardness and finishing quality as well as its eco-friendly attributes.

keyboard_arrow_upGBCSA first 5 star green building
keyboard_arrow_downGBCSA first 5 star green building

The Green Building Council of South Africa (GBCSA) has awarded its first 5 star certification for a new office building that puts Cape Town now also on the Green Star SA map. Aurecon’s new regional office in Century City, Cape Town, is the first building in South Africa to be awarded a 5 star Green Star SA - Office Design v1 rating by the GBCSA. The building, currently nearing completion, is being developed for Aurecon by the Rabie Property Group with finance provided by Nedbank Corporate Property Finance. Aurecon, global engineering, management and technical services specialist, was responsible for the design of all the engineering services on the project and for the Green Star SA rating application, with assistance from PJ Carew Consulting.

keyboard_arrow_upGreen Building Conference July 2011 in Jo’burg
keyboard_arrow_downGreen Building Conference July 2011 in Jo’burg

{nomultithumb} This year’s Green Building Conference & Exhibition organised by alive2green takes place 13 to 14 July at the Sandton Convention Centre in Johannesburg. As well as bringing together international and local speakers to share their knowledge and expertise in green planning, design and building with South African built environment professionals, the conference this year introduces a stronger practical emphasis.

keyboard_arrow_upSustainable design for ‘The Future African City’
keyboard_arrow_downSustainable design for ‘The Future African City’

‘The Future African City’ is the theme of the fifth annual Cement & Concrete Institute (C&CI) Sustainable Design Competition. The competition is open to students in their final year of an undergraduate architectural qualification at an accredited tertiary institution. Daniel van der Merwe, architect at the C&CI, says the competition aims to promote the innovative use of concrete in building sustainable environments.

keyboard_arrow_upSteel roofing for Mall of the North
keyboard_arrow_downSteel roofing for Mall of the North

Innovation and ongoing technical improvements in the coated steel roofing products manufactured by leading Australian multinational, BlueScope Steel, have introduced a number of benefits that support sustainability in buildings. Designers, MDS Architecture, specified BlueScope Steel’s Clean Colorbond™ steel, in the colour Cape White and the SAFLOK 700 profile, for the 42 000m² roof of the Mall of the North in Polokwane, Limpopo. The roof of this huge retail complex was constructed by Roofing Guarantee. Wayne Miller, general manager of BlueScope Steel's South African operations says, “If the future of building is about reducing operating carbon emissions by minimising energy consumption, then known high-end sustainable steel products such as those supplied by BlueScope Steel will have a considerable role to play.”

keyboard_arrow_upWinners in DesignHub competition
keyboard_arrow_downWinners in DesignHub competition

The winners in the 2010 DesignHub competition  for architectural students were announced recently at the Midrand premises of Saint-Gobain Construction Products, the lead sponsor of the competition.

keyboard_arrow_upSolvent-free versus low VOC paints
keyboard_arrow_downSolvent-free versus low VOC paints

Cape Town-based Harlequin Paints was established in 1999 and has developed a pioneering range of solvent-free paints. Today Harlequin Paints, which recently joined the SA Paint Manufacturing Association (SAPMA), manufactures only environmentally friendly water-based products. As well as its comprehensive range of solvent-free paints the company produces a host of water-based paint technique products, plaster and multi-primers, water-based varnishes for furniture and floors, wood stains, scenic paint for the film industry, and custom-made boutique colour ranges for specific companies.

keyboard_arrow_upGreen manufacturing produces eco-friendly carpeting
keyboard_arrow_downGreen manufacturing produces eco-friendly carpeting

New BerberPoint Eco from Nexus, the commercial division of Belgotex Floorcoverings extends the company’s Eco Collection. It is manufactured to incorporate recycled material while ensuring all the specification and performance characteristics of BerberPoint 920 are retained. The structured needlepunch range is made from Stainproof Eco Fibre, which includes recycled polyester made out of waste PET plastic bottles combined with a polypropylene blend, to produce an eco-friendly top-cloth.

keyboard_arrow_upEnergy-saving pumps for hotel water supplies
keyboard_arrow_downEnergy-saving pumps for hotel water supplies

The latest technology Wilo and Salmson pumps are controlling essential water services in some of South Africa’s newest hotels, delivering high performance with the bonus of substantial savings in electricity consumption. At the new Radisson Blu Hotel in Johannesburg’s Sandton Eye business and shopping complex, the pump systems manage hot and cold water circulation as well as underground disposal of sewage and wastewater, for the hotel and the adjacent shopping mall.

keyboard_arrow_upEco-friendly paints and primer
keyboard_arrow_downEco-friendly paints and primer

Care for the environment does not have to come at the expense of product performance. Adding to its range of Ecosure paints, Dulux Trade recently launched its Ecosure plaster primer – a further example of the company’s continuing commitment to reducing the ecological footprint of every aspect of its business. For Dulux Trade, the Ecosure range represents the first step in the journey of developing sustainable products for the future. “Ecosure exemplifies our ‘Step towards Greener’ philosophy in action,” says communications manager, Bennum van Jaarsveld. “While the range offers best-in-class coverage and application characteristics as well as a balance between sustainability and performance, we acknowledge that there is still much to be done if significant environmental progress is to be made.”

keyboard_arrow_upTraining in solar water heating technologies
keyboard_arrow_downTraining in solar water heating technologies

The third SOLTRAIN technical training course was held in Pretoria in February. The objective behind SOLTRAIN (Southern African Solar Thermal Training and Demonstration Initiative), which is sponsored by the Austrian Development Agency (ADA), is to contribute to the switch from a fossil fuel-based energy supply to a sustainable energy supply system based on renewable energies by building up training capacities and improving the quality, performance and lifetime of solar thermal systems.

keyboard_arrow_upGreen energy is available
keyboard_arrow_downGreen energy is available

The Vineyard Hotel and Spa in Cape Town runs its conference centre on certified Green Power; the Worldwide Fund for Nature in South Africa (WWF-SA) runs its Stellenbosch offices on certified Green Power, and the Department of Environmental Affairs and Tourism (as it was then) used Green Power for its March 2009 Climate Change Summit which was held at Gallagher Convention Centre in Midrand. In this case, the green energy, made available by GreenX Energy in the form of Tradable Renewable Energy Certificates (TRECs), represented 66MWh of green power generated from bio-energy at Illovo Sugar’s Umzimkulu Mill in KwaZulu-Natal.