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{nomultithumb} In the beginning, wirework and beading master Douglas Chapeta created his works only in plain silver wire. That was back in 1998 – but by 2000 he had realised that by adding colourful beads to the wirework, more people were inclined to buy the goods he sold on the sidewalks of Durban and at markets like the Essenwood Market.  It was these sales that helped Douglas support his extended family back in Zimbabwe, as well as his wife and children who moved to Durban to be with him. 

keyboard_arrow_upNando’s new-look restaurants provide boost for South Africa’s artisan community
keyboard_arrow_downNando’s new-look restaurants provide boost for South Africa’s artisan community

{nomultithumb} Nando’s new-look restaurants, currently being rolled out across southern Africa, are providing a significant boost for the country’s artisanal community. The work of master wirework and beader, Douglas Chapeta; acclaimed ceramic mosaic artist, Jane Du Rand; ceramic glass specialist, Deon Schreiber; the lighting experts at Greencraft and pressed steel ceiling reclaimer, Pierre Terblanche plays a key role in the experience of Nando’s customers when they enter one of the new restaurants. 

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Over 500 students participated in the 2010 PG Bison 1.618 Awards. “It's always exciting for us to see what design and architectural students today have to offer, and we were thrilled with the work produced by the 2010 entrants, as well as the efforts of our judges, co-sponsors and all parties involved," said Jason Wells, Brand Manager of PG Bison.