keyboard_arrow_upExporting windows and doors to SADC markets
keyboard_arrow_downExporting windows and doors to SADC markets

Duro Pressings executive director Phillip Tobiansky says that, as a leading South African fabricator of steel and aluminium building components and systems used in low cost and affordable home construction, Duro is now driving exports into the SADC region. “The provision of cost-effective housing remains today one of the most pressing development needs in South Africa as well as other SADC countries and Duro is perfectly geared to be part of the solution,” he says. Jeff Slome, the company’s business development manager who is coordinating the SADC initiative, says Duro already has firm market footholds in Namibia, Zambia and Botswana for its cost-effective range of steel and aluminium window and door frames. The company is also making strong headway with other products such as steel garage doors and galvanised steel roof trusses.

keyboard_arrow_upInnovation for low-cost efficiencies in housing
keyboard_arrow_downInnovation for low-cost efficiencies in housing

“Government’s call for sustainable building technology and innovative systems to help fast-track the provision of housing for the poor presents a major challenge to manufacturers of building components for the construction of low-cost and affordable housing,” says Hilton Rogoff, managing director of Duro Pressings. “It is a challenge that we wholeheartedly embraced some years ago and we have accelerated our response with the twin objectives of helping to counteract the effects of building cost inflation while, at the same time, assisting to reduce construction and delivery timeframes.”