keyboard_arrow_upDurable floor marking tape
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Toughstripe floor marking tape, made of B-514 polyester, is highly durable, easy to apply and matches painted floor markings for visibility though at a lower cost.  This Brady product, available from Grafo Wiremarkers Africa, is ideal for industrial and warehousing applications: marking aisles, passageways and storage locations and pointing out important safety equipment and exit paths. It can be used to demarcate specific work areas such as shipping and receiving docks, common facilities sections for finished goods, areas for material waste, work in progress, and pallet locations.

keyboard_arrow_upPVC strip curtains stabilise internal temperatures
keyboard_arrow_downPVC strip curtains stabilise internal temperatures

Apex strip curtains offer an inexpensive way to cover a door opening and prevent the ingress of cold air or hot air – as may be required – while still allowing easy passage for personnel and vehicular traffic. Manufactured from specially formulated PVC material that does not become brittle with use, Apex strip curtains are transparent for optimum visibility and safety. This locally manufactured product is best known for its patented Balledge design which, while providing an effective thermal seal, parts easily under pressure to allow people and goods to move through unhindered.

keyboard_arrow_upIncreasing production of EPS building panels
keyboard_arrow_downIncreasing production of EPS building panels

Construction of a new factory for Ikhaya Futurehouse Systems, in Centurion, Gauteng, is nearing completion and will enable the company to meet growing demand for the its thermally insulating walling panels.