keyboard_arrow_upDelivering healthcare architecture that is right for Africa
keyboard_arrow_downDelivering healthcare architecture that is right for Africa

Laura Swanepoel, Head of Healthcare, Building Services, WSP in Africa shares her views on design principles that are making waves globally, and what these mean for future-ready healthcare in Africa.

keyboard_arrow_upVinyl flooring works for Livingstone Hospital
keyboard_arrow_downVinyl flooring works for Livingstone Hospital

The new Accident & Emergency unit at Livingstone Hospital in Port Elizabeth replaced the existing Casualty unit at the hospital. It was designed and built when, as a host city for the 2010 FIFA Soccer World Cup, Port Elizabeth was required to have an Accident & Emergency (A&E) unit to meet specific standards for the tournament. 

keyboard_arrow_upStainless steel door frames for healthcare facilities
keyboard_arrow_downStainless steel door frames for healthcare facilities

Advanced Industrial Technology (Ai-Tec) manufactures a range of stainless steel door frames and tables that meet the strict quality and hygiene standards of South Africa’s National Department of Health.  Arnold Retief, a director of Ai-Tec, says, “Macrotec door frames are custom-manufactured using high grade stainless steel and are available in a milled, polished or brushed finish. Similarly, Ai-Tec’s stainless steel tables, also designed for hygienic environments such as food manufacturing plants and the healthcare sector, are manufactured from high grade materials for extra strength and durability. The tables incorporate a sound-deadening compound that is spread evenly between the surfaces to reduce noise levels.”

keyboard_arrow_upFast-track screed for hospital floor repairs
keyboard_arrow_downFast-track screed for hospital floor repairs

A special self-levelling screed supplied by a.b.e. Construction Chemicals was used to fast-track floor repairs at the St Dominic’s Hospital in East London. Peter Jones, a.b.e.’s national flooring manager based in the Eastern Cape, says the company’s abescreed SLC P rapid-hardening cement-based screed was used to level and smooth the floors at St Dominic’s over a weekend. The work was done while surgery and other hospital activities continued on the floor below.

keyboard_arrow_upAntimicrobial copper in polished brass sanitaryware
keyboard_arrow_downAntimicrobial copper in polished brass sanitaryware

In its new range of polished brass fittings which are made from antimicrobial copper – a material recognised for its role in infection control – Cobra Watertech has once again demonstrated its commitment to innovation and the use of cutting-edge technology. The range includes medical taps, mixers and plumbers brassware, all manufactured from polished dezincification-resistant (DZR) brass, a copper alloy which surpasses the minimum copper content required for acceptance as an antimicrobial copper.

keyboard_arrow_upExport orders for SA-made fire doors
keyboard_arrow_downExport orders for SA-made fire doors

Leading manufacturer of fire and security doors, Bitcon Industries, has secured three major new export orders to supply its Rubidor hinged fire doors and frames for projects in Mauritius and Zambia. Bob Vollmer, director of Bitcon, says the company supplied its Rubidor fire doors for the upgrading of the Dr AG Jeetoo Hospital in Port Louis, Mauritius. Work started last year on the upgrading of the 550-bed facility to international standards and is expected to be finished before the end of this year. Bitcon’s lead-lined doors, which provide protection from X-ray equipment for hospital personnel, also formed part of this order.

keyboard_arrow_upGearing up for housing delivery
keyboard_arrow_downGearing up for housing delivery

Duro Pressings is gearing up to meet the expected upturn in demand for its range of steel windows and doors that have been developed specifically for the economic housing sector. These products include the Cliscoe window which is designed to fit into any standard-size window block. Easy to install, Cliscoe offers significant cost reductions by eliminating the need for lintels, sills and reveals.

keyboard_arrow_upMini instant water heaters
keyboard_arrow_downMini instant water heaters

In premises such as medical suites and clinics, as well as office kitchenettes and domestic kitchens, hot water is needed but in relatively low volumes. For these applications, Cobra Watertech  has designed a series of mini instant water heaters.

keyboard_arrow_upHigh sensitivity smoke detectors
keyboard_arrow_downHigh sensitivity smoke detectors

So-called ‘aspiring’ smoke detection devices are air sampling smoke detectors that are designed to provide the earliest warning of a potential fire and so to provide enhanced safety in diverse applications. Vesda aspiring smoke detectors reliably measure extremely low concentrations of smoke. They are used in warehousing, telecommunications and electrical facilities, mining, cold storage, manufacturing plants and power stations, as well as the healthcare and commercial sectors. The system is especially well suited to applications where unobtrusive detection is required, in art galleries, for example, modern offices and heritage buildings.

keyboard_arrow_upPower generation company opens in Western Cape
keyboard_arrow_downPower generation company opens in Western Cape

With interruptions in the supply of electricity a constant threat to business and households, the launch of operations in the Western Cape of a leading South African power generating equipment company will be welcomed. Engine Applications Western Cape is a new branch of the 30 year old Gauteng-based supplier of standby power to industrial, commercial, residential and fleet operations.