keyboard_arrow_upGovernment to crack down on leaded paint
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The National Department of Health plans to investigate reports of the ongoing availability of hazardous lead-based paint in South Africa despite the promulgation of legislation, nearly a year ago, to ban its manufacture and sale. Professor Angela Mathee, director of the Medical Research Council’s Environment and Health Research Unit, said she has been watching with interest the South Africa Paint Manufacturing Association (SAPMA) initiative to remove leaded paint from retail shelves over recent years.

keyboard_arrow_upPromoting excellence in the building industry
keyboard_arrow_downPromoting excellence in the building industry

Steadily increasing membership, despite difficult economic conditions, is testimony to the much valued support of the Gauteng Master Builders Association (GMBA) in the building industry. From its original founding in 1903 the GMBA  has evolved its mission to enhance and protect the interests of members by: promoting ethical business practice; assisting in dispute and conflict resolution; promoting excellence of work; facilitating equitable conditions of employment; interacting constructively with government and other stakeholders; and fostering, promoting and actively driving training, education and safety programmes.