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ThermocousTex® board or fibre by Datlink Insulation

If a sound studio suffers from any of the below, ThermocousTex® board or fibre could be the solution.

  • Flutter echoes between hard surfaced walls with long reverberation times
  • Small spaces with low volume, hard walls and reflective ceilings
  • Outside noises affecting your recordings
  • Bass guitar and monitor speakers sound boomy
  • Placing the microphone too close to the instrument to try and avoid the reverb
  • Mic signal leakage
  • and other common sound problems when recording

Datlink Insulation’s solution to help eliminate these issues is ThermocousTex® (Board or Fibre), mounted onto a neat lightweight cost effective frame suitable for horizontal suspension or vertical fixing, thereby creating sound “traps”.

These Sound Traps reduce the reverberation noise due to the excellent acoustic properties of ThermocousTex® and are easy to construct, cost effective, and can be left exposed or covered by acoustically permeable fabrics of your choice.

ThermocousTex® is widely used in recording studios, film studios, school halls, listening rooms, churches, restaurants, TV rooms, board rooms, gym studios etc. where noise levels need to be controlled in order to create an audibly enjoyable environment.

ThermocousTex® is a thermally bonded product manufactured using recycled PET bottles (Coke bottles, water bottles etc.) and offers excellent acoustic and thermal properties, so can be used as ceilings, wall panels, base traps, or within any environment where either thermal or acoustic controls (or both) are necessary. These products are environmentally safe to use, have no VOC’s or toxic gasses, are a non-irritant, non-itch and easy to install, as no protective clothing or equipment is required.

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