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Thermguard | Cellulose Fibre Insulation

Thermguard Ceiling Insulation

Thermguard is a cellulose fibre insulation that is manufactured primarily from waste newsprint and treated with a mixture of inorganic salts to render it fire resistant as well as a repellent to insects and rodents. The insulation is ideally suited to all domestic, commercial and industrial applications where loose-fill insulation is appropriate.

Thermguard is blown onto the ceiling, filling every nook and cranny and creating a totally seamless blanket, thereby ensuring no heat gains and losses can occur. Tests undertaken in the U.S.A. proved that cellulose creates “airtightness” of a building and that when installed performed, on average, up to 26% more efficiently when compared to rolls of insulation.

The fact that Thermguard is made from more than 80% recycled material makes it the most eco-friendly, thermal and acoustic insulation in South Africa. Our fibres are treated with non-toxic additives to make them fire retardant to SANS B/B1/2, and the product is also insect and rodent resistant. Thermguard is non-toxic and non-irritant and can be handled safely without gloves, as it does not contain asbestos or fibreglass. Professional and DIY installation options are available.

The construction industry is looking for solutions to the challenges presented by ecologically sustainable development and, more recently, load shedding and recovering from the Coronavirus pandemic. Thermguard is one such solution.

Brochures / Datasheets

Thermguard DIY Buy

Installation machines can be purchased from Thermguard.

Thermguard Insulation Thermal Conductivity

Thermguard Insulation Thermal Conductivity

Thermguard Technical Data Sheet

Thermguard is a Cellulose Fibre Insulation which is manufactured asa fluffyfibrous matrix,allowing formaximum air entrapment between the fibres.

Advantages of cellulose fibre | Thermguard

Advantages of cellulose fibre Thermguard insulation is installed in buildings to improve the comfort levels of the occupants, conserve energy and ultimately slow the burning of fossil fuels, thus reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Thermguard - Company Profile

Thermguard – Company Profile established in 1984 with the commitment to reduce the amount of wastenewspaper, which would otherwise end up in landfills


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