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Access Control via your smartphone

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Securex 2019, Africa’s leading security and fire trade exhibition recently held at Gallagher Convention Centre, hosted speaker Andrew Williams at its free-to-attend seminar. Andrew Williams, MD Astra Fasteners, authorised distributor of Southco, trusted global leader in engineering touch point solutions.

“Most people are walking around with a smartphone in their pocket and keys? With Southco’s new innovation it will make keys obsolete.” stated Williams.

“Traditional access control methods such as keys, RFID cards, pin codes are not secure, the keys are lost, pin codes forgotten and RFID cards given to others. You have no way of knowing who gained entry to what. With Southco’s electronic access and locking control solutions and the VIZpin app you can have an audit trail, unlimited users, doors, activity, scheduled access, simple and convenient user management, low cost installation, low power and long read system that works with existing access control equipment.”

How is all of this achieved? Electronic Access Solutions (EAS) combine engineering and  mechanical locks and latches with electronic actuation for the ultimate in remote controlled and monitored access solutions.

These solutions enable the transition from mechanical key locking to electronic access with intelligent electronic locking devices and a versatile line of access control systems.

VIZpin System Controllers work with the VIZpin Cloud Management Tools and Smartphone Apps so you can manage and control access to doors, gates, and latches. They have a built-in, long-range Bluetooth reader and can be mounted in a secure area, away from weather and vandals or out-of-sight for architecturally and historically sensitive installations. There’s even a solar-powered reader.

Ongoing Service Level Options

Vizpin bluetooth controller for electronic access control systems

Bluetooth System Controller

Grant Access       YES YES
Revoke Access
Relay NC/NO
Keys with Schedules YES
Wiegand Input YES
Buzz-in (Doorstrike/NO only)
90 Days Audit Trail YES
Adjust Settings & Read Range YES
First-in Unlock* YES

Southco’s EA-BT BLUETOOTH® Controller provides full access control and remote monitoring of intelligent locks without having to wire into a network, or install, manage and maintain software.


Cloud-Based Access Control Software & Visitor Management Tools


After you have the VIZpin Bluetooth access control device to unlock a door with your phone, they provide the supporting software to manage it.

Both of these are cloud-based management tools that work with both the regular VIZpin and the solar-powered VIZpin kit:

VIZpin LITE Software/Service

A FREE, easy-to-use access management service for sending keys to anyone with the VIZpin SMART app. Perfect for simple installations where you need to control access to doors, gates or latches. Change your mind? No problem. It is just as easy to revoke the keys. VIZpin LITE includes 5 free VIZpin keys and you can purchase additional keys or upgrade to a VIZpin PLUS account.

VIZpin PLUS Software/Service

For more sophisticated installations, VIZpin PLUS is a full-featured access management service that lets you send ultra-secure, encrypted electronic keys with schedules to anyone with the VIZpin SMART app. It also keeps 90 days of transaction history on secure, redundant servers.

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