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The “go-to” commercial LVT option

Looking for a versatile commercial LVT flooring option that’s perfectly at home in any environment – then Traviata’s Traviloc XL-RCB range is the answer.

Courtyard room flooring

Having proved itself over a number of years now, Traviloc continues to find favour in the Hospitality, Education, Corporate, Medical and Retail sectors. Traviloc’s high scoring in terms of safety and performance standards, its acoustic properties, dimensional stability, wear and stain resistance and ease of installation have made it a very sought after range.

Traviloc utilises a “rigid” SPC core board which, aside from imparting its dimensional stability characteristics, also allows the product to be installed over most hard surfaces.  This is a great attribute for refurbishment projects where there is e.g. existing tile or solid wood flooring.  One example of where this has proved particularly useful is at the St. Dominics school.  Originally established 100 years ago, the school now has a number of classrooms where the original solid wood floors are in need of repair or replacement.  Instead of removing the old timber, filling the under floor cavity and re-establishing a new surface, Traviloc has been laid over the existing timber.  This has provided simple clean solution where the classrooms are not out of service for long periods.  The result is very satisfying and the program is on-going.

Swiss oak LVT flooring in commercial space

From a technical perspective Traviloc has offered a very satisfactory solution to the acoustic requirements of hotel rooms.  Not only is it effective in reducing the in-room drum noise but is also very efficient in reducing the floor to floor impact sound transmission through floor / ceiling assemblies.  This has resulted in its use by the City Lodge Group in both new hotels such as the Courtyard in Waterfall and the upgrade of its V&A waterfront hotel in Cape Town.  Other recent installations include the upgrade of Tsogo’s Gold Reef City hotel and the Sandton Intercontinental.

With its high definition visuals and rich surface textures Traviloc combines the beauty of hardwood, the durability of LVT and the ease and speed of a click installation.

Perfect for all hard wearing commercial installations!

For more information, please visit www.traviata.co.za

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