Fire Doors


Fire doors are designed to meet the requirements of SABS 1253:2003. Doors are supplied hung in frames, ready for installation on site.


Brass hinges with bronzed washers 100 x 76mm – 1 ½ pairs per leaf or Steel Roller Ball.


View panel size is 300mm High x 100mm Wide. To take 2x6mm Georgian-wired glass.

Held in position by powder-coated galvanised or stainless steel beads.


Slambars of galvanised steel or stainless steel are used in the rebate section of double doors.


Ironmongery must be installed with care as not to damage the integrity of the fire core.


The finish of the door would be to the Architects requirements.


As the frame and door are supplied as a unit all precaution must be taken to install the unit square and plumb.


The doors are usually supplied without frames and can be finished in hardboard or veneered to the customers specification. They can also be supplied in hardwood or panel doors or deep moulded flush panel doors.

Definitions & Specifications

Firehold NSA fire doors are designed to meet the requirements of SABS 1253:2003 for “Fire doors and Shutters”.

ClassApplicationRiskFire Resistance Requirements (in minutes)
ASingle StoreyMedium603030
BTwo or more Storeys

  • Fire Escape Routes
  • Lift Lobbies
  • Warehousing
  • Sliding Doors
CRooms subjected to Mechanical damage

  • Machinery Rooms
High120120No Requirement
DProtection Equal to strength of dividing walls

  • Resist Impact
  • Inflammable Storage Rooms
EBetween a House & Garage

  • Half hour rated protection
  • Leaf only
FBetween a house & garage

  • Half hour rated protection
  • Leaf only
Low3030No Requirement


Sizes: (Std)813/900W x 2032H x 115/230 wall
1511/1613w x 2032H x 115/230 wall
Frames: (Std)1.6mm Mild Steel with 25mmx50mm rebates & red oxide primer, with either a 22mm screed or a no screed finish, with a conventional drywall fixing.
Door Finishes:
  • Hardboard
  • Veneers: Sapele, Oak, Beech, Cherry, Maple
  • Formica Laminated Sheets
  • Steel Cladding
Alternative fixing:Pre-Galvanised finish, Dry wall/Concrete Fixing. (powder-floated floor – uses a no screed frame).
Core Weights:+/- 11Kg/m2Hands:To determine hands, all fire doors open out, standing on the hinged side.

  • Hinged on the left side – Order left hand
  • Hinged on the right side – Order right hand
View Panels100 mm wide x 300mm high with Georgian wired glass in Class A & B doors onlyFitting of Ironmongery:By contractor or sub contractor on site. Lock height is measured from FFL to the center of the strike plate. Lock & door closer plates are fitted as standard procedure. Any extra ironmongery must be mentioned in order to prep the doors.
Beading to V/P:Powder Coated Mild SteelSlambars:Stainless Steel slambars are applied when exotic veneers are required. Galvanised slambars are applied to doors for painting
Rebated Pairs:Rebate in double doors formed with a Slambar secured to lock edges
HingesBrass Hinges with bronzed washers 1 1/2 pairs per leaf
Things to remember when placing orders
  • Fire doors should not be longer than 2700mm or wider than 1200mm if to be hinged to frame
  • View panels may not be larger that the square meterage given above (300mm x 100mm)
  • Nonstandard lock heights must be brought to the manufacturers attention
  • Screed or no screed frames must be noted
  • Handing of frames is important